Solar Charging Super Bowl 50

The one team that I care about playing in  Super Bowl 50 NFL Championship game is team Solar!  Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco has 375 kW of solar panels that generate enough electricity each year to power all of the 49ers home games.   Of course, I wouldn’t be a good Patriots fan if I didn’t point out that Gillette Stadium is home to 1,000 kW of solar panels.

Here are some additional green things happening at the Super Bowl this year at Levi’s Stadium:superbowl_50_levi_infographic

  • 85% of water used is reclaimed
  • all wood used in owners’ suites is reclaimed from local dirigible airship hangar
  • includes a 27,000 sqft “green roof” including 16 drought tolerant plant species.

You can check out more at EcoWatch.  

Here are some of our past posts on Greening the Super Bowl & Super Bowl Parties:





I hope you enjoy the Super Bowl, whoever you are rooting for tonight.  

Tell us what you are doing to go green for Super Bowl 50 in the Comments below.

Happy Greening!

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SEIA Solar in Sports Chart

Top solar installations on sports stadiums.

Best Climate Change Speech Ever

Today President Barack Obama gave what I consider the best climate change speech ever when he announced the rejection of the Keystone XL Pipeline.Keystone XL Pipeline stamped REJECTED

However, when I first tried to watch the speech, by going to well known news sites, like USA Today, NBC News and CNN, I found that they only played edited versions of the speech.  At first I thought the flashes were flashbulbs going off from the reporters and it wasn’t until I found the whole version of the speech, did I realize that those were clip points. This speech gives me real hope that we can still stop global warming with only 3-6′ of sea level rise. 

My two favorite quotes from the President’s speech are:

The old rules said we couldn’t promote economic growth and protect our environment at the same time. The old rules said we couldn’t transition to clean energy without squeezing businesses and consumers. But this is America and we have come up with new ways and new technologies to break down the old rules. So that today home grown American energy is booming, energy prices are failing and over the past decade even as our economy has continued to grow, America has cut our total carbon pollution more than any country on earth.


The biggest risk we face is not acting.

                                — President Barack Obama (11/6/2015)

Below is the full video of the President’s speech on rejecting the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Happy Greening!

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