2013 Year in Review – Green Lifestyle Changes

2013 was a very busy year for us personally, and our long-time fans may have noticed a drop in posts from us.  In 2013, Alicia started working full-time when she was appointed Director of Energy & Environment for our City. This significantly cut into her time and energy for working on the blog.  Jonathan saw an uptick in orders for Solar Panel Jewelry and succeeded in finally getting solar panels installed on our church.

child in bathtub

Bathe Your Children Less Often

We clearly hit a nerve on the Internet this year with our post Bathe Your Children Less Often.  We not only saw it go wild on Facebook, but it’s the post people we know mentioned to us most often. It’s wonderful when what’s best for the environment, for your health, for your pocket book and your sanity all manages to coincide with just one action, or in this case, lack thereof. We were traveling when we realized the post had taken off and started dialog all over Facebook and other parts of the Internet.

perfectly cooked bacon

Perfectly cooked bacon!

People also liked Perfectly Cooked Bacon, which has been quite the hit on Pinterest. We enjoyed informing people about why we prefer nitrite- and nitrate-free bacon and teaching them an easy way to cook it at the same time.

Our next two most popular posts bring in people from Google. How Much Did the US Spend On Imported Oil in 2012 and How Much Did the US Spend On Imported Oil in 2011 are top hits from a variety of related key word searches on Google.  We were even linked to from Grist as a source on this issue. People want to know, and this data isn’t published anywhere. It has to be computed, and Jon has done solid research on it. 

in 2012, the US spent $433 billion on imported oil on the side of oil canTo round out our top 5 for 2013 was the Flush for Good Giveaway. This was a great opportunity to work with American Standard to educate people about their work on sanitary issues in developing countries and at the same time give away some large gift cards to our readers.  

2013 has been a good year for us and we hope that it has treated our readers well as well. Remember that being green is not about doing every last thing to be green. Rather, it is about knowing and understanding what is green and making informed decisions for your family and your circumstances.

Happy New Year,

Alicia & Jon

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