887 miles on first tank of gas in our minivan

We recently purchased a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivan and we drove over 25 days and 887 miles before our first fill up at the pump. Over that time we only used 13.3 gallons of gasoline, which works out to 66.7 MPG for a 7 passenger minivan.  We have been charging the batteries whenever we can at home, at work and even at my in-laws.

image of trip info for Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Our first time putting gas in the Pacifica Hybrid

We hoped to make it to 1,000 miles before filling up, but we had a long road trip to New York for our daughter’s synchronized swimming meet and it wasn’t feasible to re-charge during the drive.

We had to buy gas for it for the first time during this trip so we learned a few things about our new car: I discovered that like our Ford C-Max Hybrid, the Pacifica does not have a gas cap, but a self closing valve.  We also learned that it has a 16.5 gallon tank (no good story here, we just looked it up!)

graph of electric vs hybrid miles driven

One of the features we’re enjoying is looking at the past 2 weeks driving history.  This particular snapshot is from March.  The 135 miles on Saturday was to drop our son off at a Boy Scout event in New Hampshire and pick him up in the evening.  The blank space on Tuesday was when we had one of the many blizzards this winter and stayed home in our warm insulated home

During our trip to NY we did try to  charge at one of the rest areas that advertised fast EV chargers, but it was rated for Tesla and higher than Level 2 DC charging. 

We’re really interested in taking a look at how much electricity we’re using versus how far we’re driving, and we’ve installed a ChargePoint home charger that tracks kW so we will have future posts with more numbers!

Stay tuned for more experiences with our plug-in Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Happy Greening!

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