Alicia’s Random Reading List – December 2011

I’ve had a bunch of things on my mind this week thanks to some blog posts and articles that have popped up on my radar.  I thought several of them are worth sharing with our readers.

The first is around BPA, organics, pesticides and the food we feed our children.  I have been trying to avoid canned foods, because I want to minimize the exposure my children have to BPA.  I saw that Cambells has microwave bowls with my kids’ favorite noodle soup, so I bought two and wondered if there was BPA in them as well. My web searches on that came up with two articles that I’d like to share with you:

Cambell’s Soups – “Eww Eww toxic?” BPA for lunch?  This page links to the Mom’s Rising campaign to get Cambells to remove the BPA from their cans.

This led me to read Which Chemicals Are Linked to Breast Cancer from the Breast Cancer Fund.

Grainwashing: Organic vs Natural Cereal by Healthy Child Healthy World pointed out to me that the cereal my husband has been buying may not be as healthy as he thinks it is – it’s one of the cereals from a company that used to make primarily organic cereal, but now few of their products are organic.

I must say, I can’t decide if I really like Healthy Child Healthy World, or if I have to stay away from it for my sanity.  They are about providing people with information to live healthier lives,  but they list so much to avoid, and have so many concerns about every day things, that it’s overwhelming.  

I’m trying to remember how and why I came across How to Make a Tantalizing Vegan Dessert Your Guests Will Love by Confessions of an Overworked Mom, but frankly, does it matter?  Chocolate, peppermint, sugar, check out the recipe.  It’s on my short list to make soon.   Let me know if you try it out!

Grist is another site I actually don’t frequent as much as you might think. I feel that it’s pretty radical, and I like to hear more middle-of-the-road opinions on environmental issues.  (I know, most people think I’m pretty radical, but you should meet my friends and my brother!) However, this is a good summary of the climate talks in Durban: The top five takeaways from the Durban climate talks.

And this is the best news I’ve gotten all week!  My mother LOVES L’Occitane hand and foot lotions and generally goes out of her way to get their products.  She’s a tough nut to crack on the environmental issues, so I’ve been turning a blind eye to that.  However, this week I read this blog post by Mama on a Green Mission: L’Occitane ~ Natural Beauty Products You’ll Want to Check Out ~ Great Stocking Stuffers! and I was thrilled!  Not only are their products pretty natural, made from local (to them) products, but they have a company-wide commitment to environmental practices.  Many of their products even score very well on the EWG Skindeep database.

What have you been reading?  Care to share?

Happy Greening!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my vegan dessert recipe. I hope you enjoy it!

  2. I recently read the book The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard, the same author as the video. Hugely eye-opening!

  3. The issue is that until both the US and China are fully on board, it will be difficult to make progress. Here is a map of what the world may look like temperature-wise in 2100 – If you’re not scared of this, there is something wrong with you! On the upside, its worth noting that Australia did pass a unique new carbon tax which involves and direct tax on emissions.

  4. Hi! I came across your blog from MBC and absolutely love it! Congrats to your continued success. I am new to the blogosphere and would a love it if you followed me back 🙂

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