Jon Learns about Expanding Foam at HEET Barnraising

This past weekend I participated in my first Home Energy Efficiency Team (HEET) Weatherization Barnraising.  About 35 folks showed up to lend a hand. Several companies helped by sponsoring the event and providing some of the supplies, including our favorite supplier, EFI. We were divided into teams based on what we wanted to learn and […]

Tis the Season for Tax Incentives

While the Federal Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit is good through December 2010, if you want to get your credit this tax season, you need to complete your projects before New Years so you can get your $1,500 tax credit this spring. The credit applies to energy efficiency improvements in the building envelope of existing […]

Alternative Carbon Offset Idea

Traveling has one of the biggest green house gas (GHG) impacts during the holidays as we fly, drive, train or bus across the country to spend time with our families and friends.  While you may be able to leverage technology as an alternative to some business travel, nothing can replace being there with your family […]

That Makes Cent$

Last November, as part of an EPA’s Energy Star national campaign (p. 8 & 10), our home was featured as an example of reducing your home energy use in New England.  Channel 7 Boston (WHDH) interviewed us and the EPA’s Energy Star’s Melissa Klein for a “That Makes Cent$” segment.  Check out the online video […]

Reusing Old Business Cards

Over time things change, maybe your title changes or you have a new office, so what do you do with those old business cards that are no longer useful for their original purpose?  Of course, you should recycle them, but before you do that, first reuse them. I recently started using my old business cards […]

Defanging your Cable Box Vampire

Earlier this week, the EPA released the new Energy Star requirements for Audio/Video (AV) equipment including CD, DVD and Blu-ray players. The new specification establishes On mode and low-power Sleep mode power consumption limits and Auto Power Down requirements that AV products must meet in order to earn the ENERGY STAR label. When you are […]

TIP: Reducing the ICK factor in composting with a countertop compost bin

Composting is a great way to avoid sending vegetable scraps to the landfill while at the same time making nutrient rich compost for your garden.  With a few tips you can avoid the ICK factor altogether and make composting easier.  One simple step is to use a table or countertop compost bin to temporarily store […]

Green Thumbs Up for Joe’s American Bar & Grill

Last weekend we took our family out to dinner at Joe’s American Bar & Grill to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  The food and service were excellent, even with two rambunctious 5 years olds.  At the end of the meal, we had a leftovers and asked to take them home.  Of course getting the 5 of […]

Building your Energy Savings Toolbox – Kill-a-Watt meter

We can all reduce how much electricity we use around our homes and offices.  Everything in our lives plugs in these days, whether it is our cell phone chargers, or cable boxes or computers, they all use electricity.  The important questions about each appliance/device are: How much does it use when you are using it? […]

GLC Joins EFI Affiliates Program

We have been happy customers of the for years.  They have a wide range of energy saving products from the most basic lightbulbs, to obscure items such as chimney balloons, to contractor products such as insulation. We are happy to now be a part of their Affiliates Program.   We recommend them for their […]