Billionaires Opposing the Keystone XL Pipeline

Have you been following the Keystone XL pipeline saga?  We have.  We haven’t written about it before, but we are strongly against it!  There are so many reasons to be opposed to this project, but the bottom line is that it will allow so much carbon to be released into the atmosphere that climate scientists have referred to it as “game over” for preventing significant climate change.

Groups like have been doing great work organizing opposition to the pipeline, and their actions have gotten a lot of press.  Yet one critical piece of information seems to get overlooked and lost among all the environmental issues surrounding the extraction, transportation, processing and eventual consumption of the tar sands oil:

Keystone oil will travel through America, not to America!
– Tom Steyer

Keystone XL Pipeline will raise the price of gas in the US

Keystone XL Pipeline will raise the price of gas in the US

During the last Presidential Election, one of the things I argued with anyone who would discuss it was that approving the Keystone Pipeline would raise gas prices in the US because the oil that is now trapped in that market would be able to flow out to the world market through the Gulf of Mexico.

Now we are seeing well respected investors like billionaire Tom Steyer saying the same thing publicly.

Find out more from Keystone Truth. Until watching the video above, I hadn’t realized that the processing plants in the Gulf were actually Dutch and Saudi companies, not American.

With three billionaires launching a climate change initiative, maybe we are turning the corner and maybe we will truly begin addressing climate change as a nation, rather than putting our head in the sand or worse denying it exists. I certainly hope we are.

What do you think?


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