Camping in the Rain

Seriously mom?

When you’ve got a trip planned with 40 of your favorite people to hang out with, you just don’t want to cancel because of a little rain!  My babysitting exchange, which also includes the members of our bee co-op, likes to go camping every spring.  This year the weather was not promising on the first day, but we persevered.  

Are you sure this was a good idea?

Boy looking up at green tarp over his head.

I think this tarp is dripping.

No fire? I’ll just warm my hands on the stove cooking dinner.

Little people can eat under this corner.

Eventually it stopped raining and Jon tried out his new hammock.

What are those kids doing over there?

Wonderful weather for a fire!

Marshmallows and chocolate in a waffle cone, yum!

A few tips for when you find yourself camping in the rain:

  • Tents should have ground cloths, or tarps, under them.  However, the edges should not stick out or they will wick water under your tent.
  • Don’t put things up against the walls of your tent, they might wick water in.
  • Stake out your rain fly so it is pulled away from the walls of your tent.
  • Don’t set up your tent in a low spot in the camp site.
  • If you put a tarp over your tent, make sure it’s tight enough that it won’t catch a ton of water and crush your tent.
  • Tarps are your friend, set them up and hang out under them.
  • You can cook with stoves under a tarp, but don’t put a tarp over your fire! 

Happy Greening!



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