Input Wanted on Carbon Tax Legislation

Tweet Pin It Last week, two Senators (Whitehouse & Schatz) and two Congressmen (Wasman & Blumenauer) proposed new legislation to tax green house gas emissions (GHG).  This is commonly known in countries that have passed one, as “a carbon tax”.   Alicia & I feel that a properly implemented carbon tax would be a real benefit […]

We need a planet doctor to the ER – Stat!

Tweet Pin It Every time I hear Ed Markey speak, the more I want to do to help him get elected as the next United States Senator from Massachusetts.  He has been a leader in addressing environmental and climate issues since he first went to Washington over thirty years ago.  Addressing climate change is a […]

Oil for Nothing and Gas for Free

Tweet Pin It Did you know that oil and gas industry have extracted over 800 million barrels of oil (that’s over 25.2 trillion gallons) and trillions of cubic feet of natural gas from the US without paying any royalties, normally worth about $11 billion? This week, Representative Ed Markey, the ranking member of the Natural […]

Ed Markey’s Record on Climate Change

Tweet Pin It We moved into our home about ten years ago and I’ve known ever since that my U.S. Representative to Congress is Ed Markey.  What I did not realize until more recently is that he has been a long time leader on climate change and the environment. My first hint of Congressman Markey’s leadership on […]

The Solution to Climate Change is…

Tweet Pin It What’s the problem? Climate Change is caused by man made CO2 emissions Who can solve the climate change problem? The consumers (you and me) by the choices we make everyday How Can We Solve Climate Change? With Pennies Per Pound How can paying a few pennies per pound of CO2 emissions make […]

Time to Find Common Ground

Tweet Pin It A friend shared this video with me and now I am sharing it with you.  Please take the next two minutes to watch this fun and important speed-drawing video about climate change and then share it with your friends. It’s Time to Find Common Ground — Speed-Drawing Video on Bipartisan Solutions to […]

Reflection on School Shooting and the Need for Gun Control

Tweet Pin It Now that my kids are hugged and safely in bed, and I am sipping a glass of Shiraz, I am trying to come to grips with today’s events.  I feel the need to express my thoughts on the topic of gun violence and gun control. I feel that taking up the call […]

Giving Tuesday and Occupy Sandy

Tweet Pin It Tomorrow, Tuesday November 27, 2012, is the first Giving Tuesday. The idea, conceived of and developed by the United Nations (UN), is designed to encourage people to give back to their communities.  Throughout the US we all know about Black Friday – to most a big shopping day, but to retailers the first […]

How We Create Jobs in America – Post Election Update

Tweet Pin It I am concerned because I believe that many people are being mislead about how jobs are created. If you have a small or medium sized business, and your taxes go down, are you going to hire more people? A few weeks ago I talked with my neighbor who is a job creator. […]

You Are What You Eat Giveaway Hop

Tweet Pin It As a family, we are trying to eat healthier and greener. Unfortunately, short of going fully organic, that is impossible when we can’t tell what may be in or on the food we buy.  We try to make greener choices in our diet, but today we cannot tell if the food we […]