Answers to your questions about Pennies Per Pound

Tweet Pin It As I have been speaking to people about my Pennies Per Pound CO2 Energy Stamp & Tax Idea I have been hearing a number of questions and concerns.  I love hearing from people that totally support the program, but it is even more important for me to hear from those that don’t […]

Pennies Per Pound to Save the Economy and the Planet

Tweet Pin It 19 pennies for the 19.4 lbs of CO2 from a gallon of gasoline If you have read my posts before, you probably know that I am a proponent of implementing some sort of energy tax to drive behavior toward energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy. I have finally connected the various […]

Why Pennies Per Pound Better Than Cap & Trade

Tweet Pin It Why Pennies Per Pound is better than previous Cap & Trade ideas? Pennies Per Pound is simple and therefore significantly easier for people and business to understand and predict.  Pennies Per Pound would apply to everyone, not just major polluters, so everyone would be invested in saving energy and money. Cap & […]

Bringing Clean Water to the People of Haiti – Ste Jeanne D’Arc Haiti Foundation

Tweet Pin It Recently I had the opportunity to hear Hermina Hyacinthe speak about her journey and the foundation that she created to assist the people in her hometown of Petit-Goave, Haiti. Hermina HyacinthePhoto courtesy of Ste Jeanne D’Arc Haiti Foundation Hermina grew up in Haiti and moved to the United States where she received […]

Clean Air Act Controversy – In Her Own Words, Lisa P. Jackson

Tweet Pin It Have you heard the debate about the new Mercury and Air Toxins rule proposed by the EPA? This rule would reduce the amount of mercury that power plants can put out by 90%.  The technology exists and according to Lisa Jackson of the EPA, 50% of our coal power plants already have […]

Inspirational Activist: Marion Stoddart and the Nashua River Watershed

Tweet Pin It Tonight I saw a screening of Susan Edwards’ The Work of 1000, a film about the mother, homemaker and environmental activist, Marion Stoddart.  After the film Susan and Marion spoke with us about Marion’s work and the choices she made during her life.  Nashua River in the 1960s dyedred from the paper […]

Earth Hour 2011 Coming Up Fast!

Tweet Pin It This Saturday, March 26th from 8:30 to 9:30 PM is Earth Hour. Join us in turning off your lights. Individuals, business, organizations and municipalities are turning off their lights around the world to show support for environmentally sustainable action. Landmarks around the world will be turning off their lights this year, including: […]

Learning Wrong Lessons from Nuclear Disaster in Japan

Tweet Pin It Smoke rises from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power complex in this still image from video footage March 14, 2011. Photograph: Reuters Tv/Reuters I fear that as a world, and particularly in this country, we are taking away the wrong lessons from the nuclear disasters happening in Japan as a result of the 5th […]

Great time at the Harvest the Wind Festival

Tweet Pin It We took the kids over to the Harvest the Wind Festival put on by Mass Energy and Medford. I was working the event as part of my role on the Medford Clean Energy Committee, so it was a must see for the family. The kids had a great time and they had […]