Solar Charging Super Bowl 50

Tweet Pin It The one team that I care about playing in  Super Bowl 50 NFL Championship game is team Solar!  Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco has 375 kW of solar panels that generate enough electricity each year to power all of the 49ers home games.   Of course, I wouldn’t be a good Patriots fan […]

Interview with Jeff Sutherland – Inventor of Scrum and Renewable Energy Advocate

Tweet Pin It Recently I had the pleasure of learning a more effective way to manage projects. The two day course, titled Scrum Product Owner training, was taught by Jeff Sutherland, the inventor and co-creator of Scrum and author of Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time. During the class he mentioned […]

Charcoal vs. Propane Revisited

Tweet Pin It Last summer I blogged about the age old controversy: Which is the greener way to grill: Charcoal or Propane? My conclusion was that it matters far more what you grill than how you grill it. Now I have discovered something new and I need to revisit this topic. Which is greener – Charcoal or Propane? […]

Environmentalist’s favorite letter is…

Tweet Pin It My kids asked me the other day: “What is a pirate’s favorite letter?” to which I smartly answered “R-rrrr.” “Wrong! A pirates favorite letter is ‘X’ because ‘X’ always marks the spot for the treasure.” What do you think is an environmentalist’s favorite letter? “R” of course for the 3-R’s in Reduce, Reuse […]

Big Day for Planet Earth

Tweet Pin It Tuesday, June 25, 2013 was a big day for the planet as we had two major developments in US politics regarding climate change. First, President Obama laid out his plan to address climate change and later that night, Congressman Ed Markey, long time advocate for the environment, was elected to be the next […]

Production Wind Credit Renewed!

Tweet Pin It Lovers of wind turbines everywhere rejoice!  The Production Wind Credit was renewed for 2013 as part of the fiscal cliff negotiations. This means that turbines completed in 2013 will receive the same tax break of 2.2 cents for every kWh produced. Forbes has a succinct article where you can read more. Unfortunately, those of […]

Why Renewable Energy & Elizabeth Warren are Right for Massachusetts

Tweet Pin It In 2010, Massachusetts spent $17.7 billion on fossil fuels (petroleum, coal and natural gas) to meet the energy needs for our state.  Since the Commonwealth has zero fossil fuel resources, all of that money left our state’s economy either going to other parts of the country or foreign economies.  To see how […]

Solar Should Be Simple – Back to SRECs

Tweet Pin It Guest post by Ian Clarke about their journey to solar in New Jersey, part of the Solar Should be Simple series written for Green Lifestyle Consulting. Previous chapter: Contractor #3 Back to SRECs Since late June 2011, we’ve been generating plenty of solar electricity, more than 13,500 kWh to date, from a […]

Solar Should Be Simple – Contractor #3

Tweet Pin It Guest post by Ian Clarke about their journey to solar in New Jersey, part of the Solar Should be Simple series written for Green Lifestyle Changes. Previous chapter: Contractor #2 Contractor #3 Contractor drilling post holes for ground mounted solar We were able to push our annual consumption from 8,800 kWh to […]

What’s This? STG International Prototype

Tweet Pin It Can you guess what this is? Looking at this object, which is situated in a field along Memorial Drive in Cambridge, MA, many people ask, “What is it?”  Some think it is some new form of satellite dish or radio transmitter.  It does have the parabolic shape and shares a number of […]