Solar Charging Super Bowl 50

The one team that I care about playing in  Super Bowl 50 NFL Championship game is team Solar!  Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco has 375 kW of solar panels that generate enough electricity each year to power all of the 49ers home games.   Of course, I wouldn’t be a good Patriots fan if I didn’t […]

Interview with Jeff Sutherland – Inventor of Scrum and Renewable Energy Advocate

Recently I had the pleasure of learning a more effective way to manage projects. The two day course, titled Scrum Product Owner training, was taught by Jeff Sutherland, the inventor and co-creator of Scrum and author of Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time. During the class he mentioned having two Tesla […]

Love Lobster? Install Solar Panels

In New England, lobster frequently features prominently in 4th of July celebrations.  In fact, we’re invited every year to an all-you-can-eat lobster fest at a friend’s house.  I love lobster, and as long as you don’t eat it every day (think heavy metals), there is no reason not to enjoy it! However, climate change is […]

Big Day for Planet Earth

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 was a big day for the planet as we had two major developments in US politics regarding climate change. First, President Obama laid out his plan to address climate change and later that night, Congressman Ed Markey, long time advocate for the environment, was elected to be the next US Senator from […]

Making Micro-Solar Sustainable and Affordable

What cool things could you create with this Solar Pocket Kit? Have you ever bought a solar powered gadget only to have it fail in about a year? We have dozens of defunct solar yard lights that worked well for a few weeks or month, but are now just junk. Either the electronics have rusted, […]

Solar Should Be Simple – Back to SRECs

Guest post by Ian Clarke about their journey to solar in New Jersey, part of the Solar Should be Simple series written for Green Lifestyle Changes. Previous chapter: Contractor #3 Back to SRECs Since late June 2011, we’ve been generating plenty of solar electricity, more than 13,500 kWh to date, from a system that’s supposed […]

What’s This? STG International Prototype

Can you guess what this is? Looking at this object, which is situated in a field along Memorial Drive in Cambridge, MA, many people ask, “What is it?”  Some think it is some new form of satellite dish or radio transmitter.  It does have the parabolic shape and shares a number of other features with […]

The Real Reason Solyndra & Evergreen Solar Failed

Politicians love to point fingers at the other guy when something fails even if it has nothing to do with the real reasons behind the failure or collapse.  The whole ordeal around the Solyndra Scandal and the finger pointing has me outraged, but I’ve already written about that in Fact Checking Political Campaigns – Solar […]

Fact Checking Political Campaigns – Solar Company Loans

Image credit: Mary Altaffer/AP Photo The whole “Solyndra Scandal” has bothered me from the beginning, but not for the reasons you probably think.  What annoys me is the amount of hypocritical political finger pointing that the GOP has been doing as a result of the bankruptcy.  The Department of Energy loan program was intended to […]

Solar Should Be Simple – Contractor #1

Guest post by Ian Clarke about their journey to solar in New Jersey, part of the Solar Should be Simple series written for Green Lifestyle Consulting. Previous chapter: It Just Makes Sense First, we needed to select a contractor. I had begun building a rapport with the consultant I met at the conference, and he […]