Green Developments from CES

Tweet Pin It You may or may not be aware that the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is happening in Las Vegas this week at which all sorts of manufacturers debut their latest and greatest electronic technologies.  Most of the items debuted feed the rampant consumerism and disposable culture that is anything but green.  In […]

Doubling Fuel Efficiency Standards by 2025

Tweet Pin It I had the opportunity today to listen in on the press call held by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DoT) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) where they announced that they are finalizing the national standard for fuel efficiency for passenger vehicles and light duty trucks for model years 2017-2025. The official […]

Photo Montage from Renewable Sales – A Solar Mecca!

Tweet Pin It On Thursday, I attended “Understanding Risks and Rewards: A Conversation on Community Solar” organized by the North East Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) as a pre-event to their Building Energy 12 Conference in Boston next month. The session was organized by The Cadmus Group and my co-worker was one of the speakers.   Renewable […]

Comparing Site Energy vs Source Energy and Why You Should Care?

Tweet Pin It When we compare things like homes or cars to determine which are more efficient, better for the environment, greener, etc. it is important to make sure we are comparing apples to apples and using the right calculations. There are two forms of energy use that are often discussed when talking about buildings […]

The Learning Curve of E-Bike Commuting

Tweet Pin It I’ve been riding my e-bike for about a month now (~100 miles) and really love it, though to be honest it hasn’t been the smoothest road.  So far, all of the problems I’ve had are things that can happen to any bicycle commuter and are not related to the electric assist. My […]

Greening My Commute Electric Bike Style

Tweet Pin It Jonathan with his newly converted e-bike As a parent of three active young kids, a blogger, leader at our church, tinkerer, volunteer and being employed full time, my life is too packed to add new things without dropping something else. However, getting more exercise is something I’ve needed to do for some […]

Review: My Experiences With the Plug-in Prius

Tweet Pin It My kids sitting in the back of the Toyota Plug-in Prius On September 16, 2011, Toyota officially unveiled the Plug-in Prius, pricing, options and its availability.  This is particularly exciting to me, because we have been using one of the early prototypes from Toyota’s test fleet at work.  I have had the […]