Our area has had over 60″ of snow in the past 17 days.  That may not sound like a lot for some people, but on average we get 44″ of snow a year and it has been so cold here that it has not been melting between the storms.  This morning Ellie took my phone […]

Not Running Against the Wind Anymore

When Jon and I first started writing Green Lifestyle Changes over 5 years ago, we felt that we had to write it. Very few people were talking about climate change or green living. We had become aware of the issue, and we were very concerned about increasing green house gas emissions, the rising temperature of […]

I Love Being A Green Mom

People keep asking me what I’m doing for Mother’s Day this year.  We have been so busy and have had so many difficult things happening this past month that I’m just looking forward to spending some time with my husband and children appreciating being a “green mom”. I love being a “green mom”!   I love […]

2013 Year in Review – Green Lifestyle Changes

2013 was a very busy year for us personally, and our long-time fans may have noticed a drop in posts from us.  In 2013, Alicia started working full-time when she was appointed Director of Energy & Environment for our City. This significantly cut into her time and energy for working on the blog.  Jonathan saw […]

Thank You!

This Thanksgiving we are thankful for many things including our family, friends and the knowledge that there are many people out there who also care about climate change and the environment. We are thankful for everyone who takes the time to read our blog and think about the things we write. Whether you agree with […]

So much to be thankful for

For the second time in my life, I am extremely thankful that I can see with my left eye.   Twenty years ago, while mowing the grass without safety glasses, a tiny sliver of metal shot through my eye and lodged in the edge of the retina in my left eye.  I was living near […]

Update Your Bookmarks – Green Lifestyle Consulting Has Moved!

We’ve decided to change this blog/site from Green Lifestyle Consulting to Green Lifestyle Changes. The new url is: All of our posts can now be found on the new site. Hopefully you will find the navigation easier. Please check out the new menus to more easily find the information you are looking for. If […]

GLC is Moving

Photo by: Daniel Oines You may have noticed a slow down in our posting.  Rest assured, we have way more to share than we have have managed to write about recently. The holiday season tends to be very busy when you have kids – we’ve attended an evening holiday-related event for each of our children […]

Green Lifestyle Changes

Our mission for Green Lifestyle Changes says Step by step to a greener lifestyle. Easy greening for families! We are a husband and wife team who want to help others get started living greener and saving money by doing simple and affordable things that make a big difference in your community and the world.  Reducing […]

The Origins of Solar Panel Jewelry

Jon loves me so much he invented something for me: Solar Panel Jewelry. It was such a hit with our friends and family that he’s continuing to experiment with forms and techniques and now he’s selling it online and he will exhibit pieces at an upcoming art show.   How does loving me turn into […]