Too Many Chemicals on Your Clothing? Vinegar as a Fabric Softener

Tweet Pin It Vinegar as Fabric Softener In addition to trying to protect our environment and use less energy, I’m always looking for ways to simplify and save money.  Last summer I discovered that instead of fabric softener or dryer sheets or balls, many people use vinegar in the rinse cycle of their laundry.  This […]

End of the Line For Christmas Trees

Tweet Pin It As the holiday season wraps up it’s time to dispose of Christmas Trees.  If you’re one of the 30 million households that got a cut live Christmas Tree, you’re probably thinking about disposing of it now.  Where I live we have curbside pickup of Christmas Trees as part of our Waste Management […]

How to Recycle Plastic Bags, Dry Cleaning Bags, Shrink Wrap

Tweet Pin It I try to use cloth bags regularly.  I really do, and I’m getting better at it, especially thanks to some of the tricks I shared in Getting Started – Use Reusable Shopping Bags. However, we all still end up with some plastic bags.  Hopefully you’re like me and end up with a […]

Stay At Home Moms: Save A Little More on Heating Bills

Tweet Pin It Most Stay At Home Moms I know are always looking for little ways to save a little more.  They also tend to be in and out of the house on an irregular basis: today home for laundry, tomorrow out to the grocery store and then the next day, one quick errand has […]

Extra Hurricane Tips for "Greenies"

Tweet Pin It As I was working through the list of things that the government recommends you do before a large storm, a few extra things occurred to me that I thought I should share with my fellow “greenies“. Take Out Window FansWe have several wonderful window fans that help circulate air through our […]

LIttle Things to Make A Big Difference – Try Bar Soap

Tweet Pin It Looking for some simple things to change that allows you to lessen your impact on the environment in a big way?  Here’s one that might seem simple and small, but if everyone changed, it could impact the environment from a number of different angles – switch from liquid soap to bar soap.   […]

Green Ways to Stay Cool in a Heat Wave

Tweet Pin It We’ve been posting a little less often than we’d like. With the kids home from school for the summer we have less time for things like writing blog posts. The past few days of much hotter than usual weather for our area has made us think about some tips for staying cool […]

Getting Started – Use Reusable Shopping Bags

Tweet Pin It I often hear from people who want to get started going green, but there are so many things that you can do, that they are quickly overwhelmed.  I always tell people that they should pick one thing, try it, and get used to it.  Once the one thing they are doing becomes […]

Not All Sunscreens Are Created Equal – EWG Sunscreen Guide 2011

Tweet Pin It During the past year we have been trying to be more careful about what we put ON our bodies, as well as what we put IN our bodies. The Environmental Working Group website is a great resource for learning about chemicals in topical products and what to watch out for. This week […]

Packing Disposable-Free Kids Lunches – Including Fruit Cups

Tweet Pin It When our kids started attending daycare a few years ago, they needed a lunch packed for them every day, and so started our daily need to pack lunches for two children.  At first, as for many people,  this meant the daily use and disposal of items like fruit cups, juice pouches or […]