What’s Green For Dinner?

Tweet Pin It Fried green tomatoes andfried zucchini –our green dinner This isn’t your typical Mommy Blog, so our loyal readers probably have no idea what we usually eat for dinner. However, sometimes living green is eating green. There are many things you can do to eat green: Eat local – A lot of the carbon that […]

Getting the Slugs Out – Naturally!

Tweet Pin It I’ve been really frustrated lately with my string beans looking like this: And some of them have been looking like this above. I was talking to my neighbor, and she said that she thought it was from slugs. She was using banana peels around her garden to ward them away. I remembered […]

Growing, Growing, Growing Potatoes in a Garbage Can

Tweet Pin It Wordless Wednesday Our regular readers are aware that this year we started growing potatoes in a garbage can.  They’ve grown very fast, so here is a picture walk through the process: We started with these: We let them cure overnight on the windowsill: And planted them in a can: About three weeks […]

Planting Potatoes in a Garbage Can

Tweet Pin It I have to admit, this wasn’t my idea.  I got the idea from The Frugal Greenish Mama blog, who is growing potatoes in a garbage can for the first time herself.  I’ve always wanted to grow potatoes and it just always seemed too hard, but with this system, I’m sold! Jon has […]

Single-Stream Recycling, Potatoes, Taxes and More

Tweet Pin It Throughout the week we share a number of articles and posts by others on the Green Lifestyle Consulting’s Facebook Timeline and through our twitter account @grnlifestyle.  Here are a few items that particularly caught our attention this week: Waste Management Single-Stream Recycling: Take a Tour of our Philadelphia MRF – Waste Management – We have single stream […]

The Family Garden: A Different Mindset

Tweet Pin It Were you an ardent gardener?  Now that you have children, are you having a hard time squeezing in time to work on your garden? Maybe you are new to gardening, but you think you can’t possibly get started with young children? Perhaps you don’t have children yet and this is just one more […]

Teaching Your Children to Compost Video

Tweet Pin It We have found that teaching our kids environmentally friendly practices while they are young has lifelong positive repercussions.  Things that you do when you are young become part of your habits and your way of living, while changing behaviors as an adult can be difficult and challenging.  By having them do green […]

New Garden: Starting Seedlings Indoors or in the Garden?

Tweet Pin It I was recently talking to someone who is thinking about starting plants from seeds for the first time.  Some of her questions included whether it’s too late to start seedlings for this year and if she is going to do indoor seedlings,  how should she get started?   Since these are some of […]