Camping With Friends

Tweet Pin It We love to camp.  We’ve been camping every Memorial Day weekend with the same group of friends since long before we were married. Conveniently, some of our very good friends have children similar in age to ours, which has made continuing to have family outings together easy. Many of these outings have inspired […]

Tips for traveling to Disney World with Young Children

Tweet Pin It Disney World tips on our green living blog?  “That’s not green!”   you might say.  Well, sure, it would be greener to go camping (which we do every year) or go on an eco-vacation to an educational eco-resort like some of our friends.  However, sometimes you just want a traditional vacation with […]

Signs of the Travel Industry’s Greening

Tweet Pin It Here are a few of the positive signs we noticed of how Walt Disney World, and a lot of the travel industry, is working to be more environmentally friendly: Happy Green Traveling! Jon & Alicia Tweet Pin It

Going Green With 70 of Our Closest Friends

Tweet Pin It Every year we rent a mansion with 70 of our closest friends. You laugh, but take about 20 couples, add children, and you quickly get to a crazy number of people. We just got back from another wonderful experience of living communally for a week. Putting on such an event takes some […]

Being Green in Politics & on Vacation

Tweet Pin It I want to apologize to our readers for not having more posts last week and this week on green living.  Last week we were at a family wedding, all of our children were in the wedding, aren’t they cute? Ring Bearer and Flower Girl Jr Groomsman and Flower Girl Alicia has been […]

Why Do People Leave Trash On the Beach?

Tweet Pin It Every year my parents help us rent a beach house in a nice neighborhood on the Jersey Shore. Last year I posted a picture collage of trash that people had left on the beach. This year the trash at the end of the day seemed worse than ever before.    I understand […]

How Green is a Disney Vacation?

Tweet Pin It As someone trying to live a green life, you probably don’t want to give up your values completely when you go on vacation.”Eco-travel” is a growing niche market. For example, the Sierra Club has eco-travel options and our friends went to an eco-tourist location in Nicaragua where they used composting toilets and […]

Reusable Dishes or Disposable?

Tweet Pin It Going camping?  Should you take paper plates and cups and plastic silverware, or should buy special camping dishes and silverware?  Which is more green?  What is the right thing to do?  Like most things that are “green” the answer is, it depends.  Much of this discussion is about camping, however, many of […]

Is Your Gear Ready? Prepping for Camping

Tweet Pin It We love to go camping!  If you’re a regular reader of our blog you’ve probably picked up on this already, given the number of posts we’ve done about camping.  How often we camp depends on a number of things, but we have an annual camping trip with friends that we look forward […]

The Greening of Rest Stations!

Tweet Pin It We live about 200 miles from our nearest family, so a typical holiday for us involves driving that far each way. Before children, we would occasionally drive straight through, but really, I can’t go more than about 2 hours without stopping at a rest station. Now that we have three, we have […]