Is Poison Walking Around Your Home?

Tweet Pin It When I was a kid we finally sweet-talked my mom into a cat. She kept saying she didn’t want to be responsible for another thing that had to be taken care of, she already had four children. One day a cat started hanging around our house and we started to take care […]

Identifying Invasive Plants: Garlic Mustard

Tweet Pin It Recently I had the opportunity to go out in the woods with Eagle Eye Institute.  They were teaching students from our high school how to identify invasive plants in our area and remove them. This time we were focused on garlic mustard.  Garlic mustard is invasive in North America. It puts out […]

Camping With Friends

Tweet Pin It We love to camp.  We’ve been camping every Memorial Day weekend with the same group of friends since long before we were married. Conveniently, some of our very good friends have children similar in age to ours, which has made continuing to have family outings together easy. Many of these outings have inspired […]

Don’t Trust Marketing and Labels

Tweet Pin It I have to start by saying: I have friends and relatives that work in marketing. Not everyone that works in marketing is a lying scumbag, but some are. To start with, the goal of marketing is to get you to use or buy their product rather than another product or nothing at all. […]

I Love Being A Green Mom

Tweet Pin It People keep asking me what I’m doing for Mother’s Day this year.  We have been so busy and have had so many difficult things happening this past month that I’m just looking forward to spending some time with my husband and children appreciating being a “green mom”. I love being a “green mom”! […]

Children’s Earth Day Pledges

Tweet Pin It While Earth Day may strike people as a new idea, it has been celebrated on April 22nd  since 1970. This year we decided to ask our children about what they would do for Earth Day. We started by asking “Do you know what Earth Day is?” Our 4 year-old responded: “It’s the […]

Cutting my carbon footprint by reducing my waistline

Tweet Pin It As my grandpa used to tell me, the only real ways to lose weight and keep it off are through portion control and exercise. Yes, a balanced diet helps keep you healthy, but it is simple math, in order to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume. Besides […]

Mindful Living for Living Green

Tweet Pin It I was talking to a friend recently about something I did ages ago and I said “that’s before I ever even thought about being green or caring about climate change.” I realized that my whole attitude towards how I live my daily life has changed since I have become concerned about our […]

Vaccination Concerns

Tweet Pin It Recently I had the opportunity to chat with someone who works in the EPA’s Office of Children’s Health Protection.  While our 4-years-olds bonded over toys on the floor of a church hall, we talked about vaccines, risks and benefits.  The two objections that I have heard most frequently to children’s vaccines are […]

Share Your Challenges – Living with Reynaud’s Syndrome

Tweet Pin It Often when people are faced with challenges they tend to keep them to themselves. Do you see yourself in one of these phrases? “I don’t want to burden others with my problems.”  “I don’t want others to think of me differently.” “I  don’t want sympathy or extra consideration.”  All of these are […]