Getting Rid of Ice Dams

Tweet Pin It Ice dams are those sheets of ice and snow that form at the edge of your roof.  They often look beautiful and result and in long, lovely icicles hanging from your eaves. I love looking at them and as a child I loved breaking icicles off our roof and sucking on them.  […]

What Should I Set the Thermostat To?

Tweet Pin It This morning Timmy was calling and calling for us and when I rolled over, I realized that it was already light out.  Sigh, he wanted to get out of bed and we didn’t.  We have strategically convinced him that it isn’t safe to climb out of his crib, by convincing him that […]

Ten Ways to Save Money, Energy and Protect Your Health This Winter

Tweet Pin It The following is directly from the EPA’s Newsroom on October 18, 2012. The pictures included in the steps are from our blog and link to our posts on the topics raised by the EPA. WASHINGTON – With winter quickly approaching, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is highlighting ten tips for Americans […]

Should I Replace My Windows?

Tweet Pin It Have you ever asked yourself Should I replace my leaky, drafty windows? When I talk to people about weatherizing their home, a very common thing that I hear is “I need new windows.”  My first question, is “why?” There are reasons why windows need to be replaced, I once had one break off […]

What is Important When Buying a New Room Air Conditioner

Tweet Pin It This is for Jen. Earlier this week was the hottest day in our area all year – by far – and it was only June.  That day I was picking my kids up from my friend’s house, and she told me that her air conditioner had decided to leap to its death […]

Another Shocker – Agreeing with FoxNews

Tweet Pin It I can’t believe I agree with FoxNews With my recent rant about Newt Gingrich’s $2.50/gal energy plan, I only agreed with part of his overall goals, i.e., that of American made energy, not his method or his conclusion.  Now I find myself completely agreeing with another unlikely source, FoxNews, about how to […]

Home Energy Efficiency – What is Your Home MPG?

Tweet Pin It Hopefully you are not actually driving your home, because RVs get horrible gas mileage. In all seriousness though, one of the challenges today is figuring out how to compare the energy efficiency of homes in a way that can be readily understandable by home owners and potential buyers or renters. For cars, […]

Stay At Home Moms: Save A Little More on Heating Bills

Tweet Pin It Most Stay At Home Moms I know are always looking for little ways to save a little more.  They also tend to be in and out of the house on an irregular basis: today home for laundry, tomorrow out to the grocery store and then the next day, one quick errand has […]

Green Ways to Stay Cool in a Heat Wave

Tweet Pin It We’ve been posting a little less often than we’d like. With the kids home from school for the summer we have less time for things like writing blog posts. The past few days of much hotter than usual weather for our area has made us think about some tips for staying cool […]

GreenTip: Latch Your Windows

Tweet Pin It Are your windows closed but the outside sounds are a little noisy?  Does there still seem to maybe be a draft?  Before running out to price new windows (and fall over in shock), check to see if the latch is shut.  Those latches aren’t really there for security,  they are there to […]