Why Do People Leave Trash On the Beach?

Tweet Pin It Every year my parents help us rent a beach house in a nice neighborhood on the Jersey Shore. Last year I posted a picture collage of trash that people had left on the beach. This year the trash at the end of the day seemed worse than ever before.    I understand […]

Single-Stream Recycling, Potatoes, Taxes and More

Tweet Pin It Throughout the week we share a number of articles and posts by others on the Green Lifestyle Consulting’s Facebook Timeline and through our twitter account @grnlifestyle.  Here are a few items that particularly caught our attention this week: Waste Management Single-Stream Recycling: Take a Tour of our Philadelphia MRF – Waste Management – We have single stream […]

How to Recycle Plastic Bags, Dry Cleaning Bags, Shrink Wrap

Tweet Pin It I try to use cloth bags regularly.  I really do, and I’m getting better at it, especially thanks to some of the tricks I shared in Getting Started – Use Reusable Shopping Bags. However, we all still end up with some plastic bags.  Hopefully you’re like me and end up with a […]

Living Smaller – What to do with Clothes You Don’t Wear

Tweet Pin It It’s green to live in a small space – once upon a time I dreamed of living in a huge house like some of my friends had growing up.  A house with a bedroom for each person, an office for each adult, plenty of bathrooms and a rec room in the basement […]

Trash At The Beach – Why You Shouldn’t Litter

Tweet Pin It We went to the beach this summer and the first day there was so much trash in the ocean that I was inspired to do a post in the style of the many “Wordless Wednesday” blog posts.  This is a collection of pictures of the trash we found on the Jersey Shore. […]

Extra Hurricane Tips for "Greenies"

Tweet Pin It As I was working through the list of things that the government recommends you do before a large storm, http://www.fema.gov/hazard/hurricane/index.shtm a few extra things occurred to me that I thought I should share with my fellow “greenies“. Take Out Window FansWe have several wonderful window fans that help circulate air through our […]

Why Buy Recycled?

Tweet Pin It As you’re doing your back to school shopping, look for the whether the products you are buying are made from recycled materials.  Depending on who made the product and where you’re shopping, this might be a little tag on the back, big letters on the front or a symbol next to the […]

New Reality Show about Recycling – Garbage Moguls

Tweet Pin It From National Geographic Channel Usually I can’t stand reality shows and stay as far away as possible. However, this Saturday a new reality show called Garbage Moguls will be airing on the National Geographic Channel by our friends at TerraCycle. Garbage Moguls Pilot – 7PM EST Garbage Moguls Premiere: Pet Project – […]

Tip: Paper recycling

Tweet Pin It When I forget my cloth bags at the supermarket, I always ask for paper. Then I have a collection of paper bags to use for recycling. Our city requires that all paper recycling be in paper bags. I try to place a paper bag conveniently to locations where I will generate recycling. […]