Going For Solar – Get Multiple Proposals or Bids (Step 4)

Since solar installations (even after incentives) cost more than most cars, you should definitely speak to several companies or contractors before making your decision to proceed and selecting the right one for you. Because we were not doing the standard roof top solar installation, several of the big players in our area NexAmp and GroSolar […]

Going For Solar – Efficiency First (Step 2)

Before investing in a renewable energy system like solar panels, be sure to tackle efficiency improvement projects first.  You will get a quicker return on your investment and the amount of energy you need to generate through your renewable energy projects will be reduced.  There is an exception to this rule if you live into […]

Going For Solar – Dreaming (Step 1)

Ever since I was a kid learning about solar photovoltaics (PV) from Paul Maycock I have dreamed of having solar PV installed on my house.  In the past few years while reading Steven Strong’s book, The Solar Electric House, I learned that Paul was/is one of the pioneers of the field of photovoltaics. Before any […]