Alternative to TP for your Tushy

By now, I hope that most stores have restocked their toilet paper and you have been able to purchase a reasonable amount of TP. You’ve probably also seen a number of funny meme with TP alternatives like leaves or 3 sea shells (share your favorite TP memes in the comments below). Before you stockpile a […]

Earth Day UN Climate Agreement Signing

A great agreement is being signed today, April 22, 2016, but even if all countries do what they are agreeing to, we will still have catastrophic climate change. Encourage your government to do more. Setting personal examples, showing a willingness for more change, and saying something are the best ways to do that. US and […]

An EPIC Giveaway! Grass Fed Protein Bars

Green Lifestyle Changes doesn’t host a lot of giveaways, but we recently tried EPIC Bars and they were so great, we spontaneously wrote a review of them.  Thanks to the generosity of the company, we are now able to host a giveaway so one of our readers can try them too!  We are participating in […]

Identifying Invasive Plants: Garlic Mustard

Recently I had the opportunity to go out in the woods with Eagle Eye Institute.  They were teaching students from our high school how to identify invasive plants in our area and remove them. This time we were focused on garlic mustard.  Garlic mustard is invasive in North America. It puts out chemicals from its […]

I Love Being A Green Mom

People keep asking me what I’m doing for Mother’s Day this year.  We have been so busy and have had so many difficult things happening this past month that I’m just looking forward to spending some time with my husband and children appreciating being a “green mom”. I love being a “green mom”!   I love […]

What to do with Fresh Cranberries…

I received fresh cranberries in our organic fruits & vegetables box this week and I was perplexed.  I’ve never dealt with fresh cranberries and I’m so busy, I just wanted something quick to do. So I did what any modern housewife would do, and I asked the Facebook hive-mind. It turns out, cranberries are very […]

Green Your Lunch Giveaway

We’re thrilled to be giving away a set of reusable lunch containers from Mighty Nest!  We have written so many times about different ways to green your kids’ – and adults’ – lunches – that’s its great to be able to giveaway some of the pieces to make that happen for one of our lucky […]

My Dream Family Car – Telsa Model S

Oops, I think you really wanted to go here: My Dream Family Car – Tesla Model S

Greening Your Dental Care

I just got back from my semi-annual dental cleaning and I am very excited by the sustainable changes I have noticed at my dentist in recent couple years. Do you remember when you sat in the chair that had the constantly running water for the spit bowl (aka spittoon or cuspidor) and the pressure sensitive […]

Congratulations to Melissa P. for winning the Solar Panel Necklace

Congratulations to Melissa P. from WI as the winner of the Solar Panel Necklace Giveaway from Green Lifestyle Consulting!  She will be receiving her necklace in a few days. You can get your own amazing solar panel necklaces, rings, pins, cuff links, earrings or barrettes and more from Solar Panel Jewelry. They make wonderful eco-awareness […]