Declaration of Independence from Fossil Fuels

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From Books to Oil Spills – One Less Fish

Tweet Pin It We stumbled across a book this week that helped us talk to our twins about the Gulf Oil Spill.  We weren’t sure how much they knew about the disaster, but after 6 weeks of headline news, we figured they probably knew something about it.  We didn’t intend to have this conversation when […]

Brownies! Healthier, Dairy-free, Box-mix-like and Super Yummy!

Tweet Pin It I’ve been reading a lot about healthy, cheaper and environmentally friendly eating.  If you want to focus exclusively on any one of these items, to take it to an extreme, you really have to forgo the others.  However, I have been trying to find a reasonable balance between all three that I […]

My first Organic Cotton Shirt

Tweet Pin It I have historically approached living green from the energy perspective, but now as I learn more about how interrelated all the various components are, like transportation, food, textiles, & energy, and how they contribute substantially to the green house effect and climate change, I have started to look beyond energy.  It also […]

Amazon’s Special on Diapers, Wipes and Formula for April

Tweet Pin It As we’ve mentioned before, we are big fans of cloth diapers. Pretty much all brands of cloth diapers have been developed by moms who work out of their own homes, including the brands we recommend below.  We typically recommend that you purchase them from their sites, or sites developed by other work […]

How we came to be Corn Fed Americans

Tweet Pin It Last night, I watched the documentary King Corn and it has changed my views on inexpensive food and how big of unintended consequences shifts in governmental policy can have. Most of the American diet these days comes from corn.  Not the sweet juicy ears you can sink your teeth into during the […]

Recycled Toilet Paper

Tweet Pin It Toilet paper is one of those things I just can’t see us doing without in today’s world.  Unfortunately most toilet paper on the market is made from virgin paper, which means it is straight from trees and does not have recycled content.  Fortunately there are a number of good options for recycled toilet […]

Stand with Haiti

Tweet Pin It With all the news about Haiti, we wanted to share with you our personal information about one of the groups already on the ground in Haiti and encourage you to donate there. Partners in Health has been working to help the people of Haiti for nearly 25 years.  Their mission is to […]

Jon’s 2009 Green Gift Guide

Tweet Pin It Have you been struggling to find the perfect gift for that eco evangelist friend?  Here are some ideas that any Eco Guy or Gal would be happy to receive:   The Energy Detective TED-5000 home energy monitor From my research this home energy monitor is the right balance of affordable, expandable and […]

Tis the Season for Tax Incentives

Tweet Pin It While the Federal Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit is good through December 2010, if you want to get your credit this tax season, you need to complete your projects before New Years so you can get your $1,500 tax credit this spring. The credit applies to energy efficiency improvements in the building […]