Children Love Books That Reflect Their Values

I love it when my children get excited about the things that are important to me.  The other day my daughter was lamenting to me that there was a book at school that she really wanted to show me, but it was at school.  I suggested to her that she tell the teacher that she would like to borrow the book to show her mom. I’ve met with her teacher and I know that she is a very reasonable person so I was sure this was good advice.  Today Ellie was thrilled to bring the book home to show me, and I was thrilled to see what she was so excited about.  “Human Footprint” by Ellen Kirk.  Subtitled “Everything you will eat, use, wear, buy and throw out in your lifetime.

Photo of book cover of Human Footprint: Everything You Will Eat, Use, Wear, Buy, and Throw Out in Your Lifetime

Human Footprint: Everything You Will Eat, Use, Wear, Buy, and Throw Out in Your Lifetime

What a great book for children!  It is filled with huge, beautiful pictures and easy to understand facts and action suggestions.  The book is designed to teach children that even though you are only one person, you have a real impact on this planet, just by living your regular life. You can also watch the 92 minute Human Footprint Movie, from which the book is taken, either online or on DVD.

Ellie was particularly excited to show me that the first example was about diapers “You wore a total of 3,796 diapers when you were a baby” and she proudly stated that her little brother didn’t wear them!  This page points out that “It takes a 1/2 pint of crude oil to make the plastic lining of just 1 disposable diaper. That adds up to 1,898 pints for each baby!”  By those numbers, each baby that wears disposable diapers will wear 237 gallons of crude oil during their infancy.

The action on this page is “Ask parents you know to use biodegradable or cloth diapers some of the time.”  If you know someone who might want to consider using cloth diapers, they can read more about cloth diapers in the posts we’ve written about why and how to consider cloth.

Book cover - Magic School Bus Gets Cleaned Up

Magic School Bus Gets Cleaned Up

Our City’s Energy Committee was just talking about volunteering to read to Elementary School classes during our annual “Royal Reader Day” and they were asking about possible books.  Today I recommended to them Magic School Bus Gets Cleaned Up and Weezer Changes the World, and I’m going to add this book to  my list of books I recommend for elementary school children.

Book cover - Weezer changes the world

Weezer changes the world

If you’re looking for some good kids books, check them out! For younger kids check out my review of One Less Fish by Kim Michelle Toft and Allan Sheather. While we link to the Amazon listings to them (and they are referral links) I recommend that you borrow them from the library.

Book Cover - One Less Fish

One Less Fish Review

Happy Greening,

Here are some more Environmental Books for Kids that we’ve come to love.

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  1. I love your article and it is so true! My son who is almost five, remembers everything he hears once and will recall it at just the right time. (“Mommy, why is that child chewing on a plastic toy? Doesn’t the Mommy know it has bad things in it?”) Sometimes I cringe when he speaks up but am proud he knows where we stand and why.

  2. Yes, and this is just another reminder that we always have to watch what we do and say because we have little people watching us that want to be just like us!!

  3. This is such a great (& true) post. And kids really do remember – mine keep me on my game!

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