Children’s Book Review: The Green Kids Club

2014-11-16 18.35.32 I’m always on the lookout for children’s books that reflect my values, so when the Green Kids Club contacted me to review their books, I jumped on it! They sent me the series for free, so I could review them and tell all of you about them.

This series is designed to engage children in an interesting story with colorful pictures, and at the same time teach them about different environmental issues. They all feature a brother and sister who seem to be about middle-school aged, who go to different parts of the world talking to their friends, and through a bit of magic thrown in, talking to the animals.

Our older two children are 10 and Timmy is 5, and the older two have each read one of the books to Timmy. I asked them what they thought about the series. The books are the right length to read one to a 5 year-old at bedtime.  They said that they enjoyed reading the books, and  that they liked that it teaches kids about different issues affecting our planet.  Some of the ones I’ve read have talked about the melting ice caps, and how you can prevent it, deforestation in India and the problem with hunters freely hunting and trapping wolves in North America. 

2014-11-16 15.28.49I appreciate that they engage Timmy’s attention and convey information at the same time. 

The series has a few books designed for younger kids where they took the same pictures and used fewer and simpler words.  Unfortunately, the way they did this conversion makes those books somewhat disjointed and left me unsettled, because it seemed to be jumping all over the place. If the organization decides that they want to continue with books for younger children, I’d suggest that they write completely separate books or try to convey simpler ideas, rather than just putting fewer words on the same pages.  

Overall, I definitely recommend the series as a way to engage children to talk about different topics affecting our planet.  They would work particularly well in a class room setting as an introduction to the issue in each book. Timmy and I look forward to reading the rest of the series.


Happy Greening!


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