Chris Christie Bans Tesla Car Sales in New Jersey

Unbelievable. A board appointed by Chris Christie just banned Tesla from selling its cars in New Jersey.  This has been an issue for a while there, and Gov Christie had said that the legislature would vote on it.  Then, when it became apparent that the legislature would not stop Tesla from selling directly to consumers, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission banned the direct sales of vehicles by car manufacturers. They insist that sales must go through a dealer.

Tesla explains it much better than I can in their blog post.

Tesla in Cambridge, Massachusetts

There are pros and cons to selling through a dealer versus direct from a manufacturer, but one thing is clear, if you ban one way over the other, then government is telling you how to run your business. This seems very odd to come from a Republican Governor who is in favor of less government involvement in business practices.

Jonathan’s a huge fan of the Tesla, you can read his opinions in My Dream Family Car – Tesla Model S and he writes about the cost versus the mileage in How many miles do you have to drive to afford a Tesla?

What do you think? Should government protect the dealers and regulate how Tesla can sell their vehicles? Or should they allow free enterprise and let Tesla have their own sales model? Do you think it’s actually a move by big oil to squash a very popular vehicle that doesn’t use their oil?  Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Selling direct to consumer is a way better experience than going through a dealer. Look at what Apple did with Apple Stores. It’s ridiculous and anti-competitive for the government to prevent the sale of vehicles by a private company. It’s time to cut out the middlemen.

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