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My sister and I are two totally different types of people and we live crazy-different lifestyles.   However,  we both like to be green and we do talk about all kinds of personal things, like feminine products.  So when I told her that Lunapads.com had approached me about reviewing their eco positive period products, she told me that she’d heard tons of great things about Diva Cups and totally wanted to try one.  While she doesn’t currently blog,  she was writing blogs on the Internet before the term “blog” was coined, so I suggested she do a guest post review for my blog.



I am a 32 year old feminist lesbian with a healthy body image and strong body-positive politics. I’m used to using applicator-free OB tampons and have never had any difficulty with them. I’m not the least bit squeamish. Having said all of that, the learning curve for insertion, removal and emptying the Diva Cup is steep and even I, who confidently know my way around the female anatomy and particularly my specific female anatomy, had trouble at first. I did not expect to be challenged by its use!
After my first attempt at insertion/removal went awry, I went searching online. I found a friendly and helpful thread on one of my regular haunts, ask.metafilter, with enthusiastic users of the Diva Cup encouraging the new user, giving tips, and saying that it took a few cycles to really get it down.
Diva Cup from the side

I was not pleased or encouraged by this news. A few cycles?! There are very few experiences that have me unhappily filthy with blood that I’m willing to keep trying at for several months. I’m just not going to have that kind of patience.

But I didn’t have to. Applying the tips I learned online, by the end of my cycle I was doing so without getting blood all over my hands and floor.
I was curious to read the complaints women have about their periods: that tampons are expensive, irritating and inconvenient, or that they have periods at all; I don’t share these complaints. I don’t have any beef with god or nature over having a period, and I never found tampons difficult or troubling. On a few occasions that I have needed one and not had one, asking a single nearby woman is usually all it takes to score one. I also don’t have a particularly difficult period. I have never needed any absorbancy beyond “regular” tampons, and I don’t become terribly uncomfortable before or during my period. So I’m a pretty easy case.
A note about sex during menses. One tip I read online was that if you’re the sex-during-your-period type, you might want to use a tampon beforehand because the absorbancy cleans you up in a way that the cup won’t. Just sayin’
So far I’ve used the diva cup for two full cycles and I neither love nor hate it. The most convenient factor about it is that you can insert it and not deal with it again for 12 hours. I was glad to use it in the course of cross-country air-travel, as worrying that a tampon is maxed out or changing one mid-flight is never a pleasure. I play full-contact sports and the diva cup functioned admirably.
Diva CupSo should you get yourself a Diva Cup? Sure, why not! Especially if you have some beef with tampons. Be aware that there’s both a learning curve to the whole folding, insertion, twisting, forming a seal process and that the sensation of wearing it takes some getting used to. I recommend talking with a friend who is an experienced user, or seeking out tips/further instructions online to really maximize your Diva Cup experience and help cut down the steep learning curve.

– Rebekah
So if you’re ready to join the LunaRevolution,  you can buy one on-line at Lunapads.com or you can enter our giveaway to win a $50 gift card to Lunapads.com and choose the product that is right for you!
Happy Greening!
Alicia & Rebekah

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  1. I’ve always wanted to try this but have been a bit apprehensive. I like the eco-friendly aspect of it.

  2. Just a quick note that it’s a LOT easier to do the changeover in the shower for the first few times. That way the mess factor doesn’t matter, it just washes away immediately. Also, there are a variety of menstrual cup brands on the market, each slightly different. Searching out some people who describe the pros and cons of different brands, I’d settled on the Lunette, and LOVE it. So much less hassle.

  3. I’ve been using the Diva Cup for about 3 years now and LOVE it. Not only is it green, but I don’t have to worry about Toxic Shock Syndrome, or about the bother of changing a tampon if I’m in the middle of something. I didn’t feel like it took very long to get used to it. If you can feel it, you know it’s in wrong! Just follow the instructions closely. You should be able to twist it 360 degrees with relative ease if it is in and expanded properly. Just give it a chance!

    Also, it does tend to get discolored over time, but this is normal. Boiling it in some water with a dash of white vinegar does wonders. You can use a toothpick to clean out the holes around the rim, just poke in and twist, to clean out residue. You may need to remove it from water, scrub a bit with a papertowel or cloth (t-shirt rags work well), and place back in a few times to get it really clean but it works wonders!

    Don’t be discouraged if you experience leakage initially, my friend had the problem but now that she is more comfortable with inserting and removing it it is working much more effectively!

    Good luck all you Divas out there 🙂

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