Don’t Delay on Climate Action!

Photo by Julian Koschorke for Speak Your Mind

Please sign this urgent petition by calling for the US to not push for a delay on Climate Action until 2020.  The world can’t wait to act! We can’t wait to act!  Please sign it now.

Sign USA: Don’t Delay on Climate Action! Petition

We have both signed it and shared on twitter, facebook and with our family and friends.  Please share this urgent call for action broadly!

If you need more inspiration for acting now, watch this amazing video interview by OneClimate where Bishop Geoff Davies calls on the Faith Communities to act.

Some quotes from the video that inspire me include:

We believe in life before death.

Christians should worry less about getting to heaven and more about climate crisis on earth

We have been tasked by God to look after this creation and to look after one another on this creation.

Destruction of creation is a sin against God and crime against humanity.
Bishop Geoff Davies at COP17 in Durban, South Africa

Please sign the petition and spread the word.  Let your country know that you want action now, not in a decade.

Jon & Alicia

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