Eating Green – What’s For Breakfast?

Organic yogurt & granola
Yogurt & Granola
As I scarfed down  my yogurt with granola this morning I thought about how eating healthy is part of living green and losing weight.  I was rushing to meet a friend for a toddler playdate, but I knew that I’d feel better and be healthier if I made sure I ate my granola first.
I’ve been losing weight lately, and I attribute most of the weight loss to eating low-fat yogurt with granola, and part of it to being sick for weeks and weeks and finding myself too busy to cook very much.
The few times I’ve managed to lose weight I found that changing part of my diet was key to the weight loss.  Last time I made a serious effort to lose weight was with what I like to call my “sushi diet” – back then I could afford to eat sushi every day for lunch!  The important part though was picking one part of my diet and changing it.  For someone else that could mean changing regular soda for water, or diet soda, replacing 6 sugars a day in coffee with Splenda or switching out a high calorie snack for a low calorie snack.
A few months ago I started buying low-fat, organic vanilla yogurt and different granola mixes. I mix the yogurt and granola together for an easy, healthy, low-cal, high-protein breakfast. Your body needs food in the morning do it doesn’t go into starvation mode and start breaking down muscle. However, it doesn’t really need lots of carbs or calories, just good protein.   One side benefit of buying containers of yogurt is that I discovered that if I gave my toddler a small bowl of yogurt with 4-5 M&M’s (or UNREAL Chocolates) on top, I could get him to eat the whole bowl.
Yummy organic yogurt & granola

We usually talk about being green in terms of saving energy and money. However, being green also means being healthy.  I try to keep this in mind when I’m cooking or shopping. In coming weeks I’m going to work on posting about how I’ve been adding “green” food into our diets.  In this case I always buy organic yogurt and when its readily available, I get organic granola too.  This month’s granola isn’t organic, but there are no artificial colors or flavors, which is a big deal for me too!

What do you do to eat green?
Happy Greening!

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