FDA doesn’t ban BPA, Pestcides Causing Bee Decline and Turning Toilet Seats into Sidewalks

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FDA Rejects NRDC Petition on BPA; Says Scientific Data Do Not Support NRDC’s Case for Regulatory Action – MarketWatch – We’re shocked and saddened. In fact, the news is too fresh for me to say much.  I wrote a lot about the what, why and how of BPA

New York Times

2 Studies Point to Common Pesticide as a Culprit in Declining Bee Colonies  – New York Times
In case you haven’t heard, the declining bee colonies  is causing more than just a scarcity of honey, it is actually the wild bees, that are responsible for pollinating many crops, that are disappearing.  We’ve read articles recently about farmers importing bees for the pollination season. 

Bellingham, Washington Sidewalk Sections Made From Recycled Toilets – Huffington Post – Jon’s family is from near Bellingham,  so this caught our eye. OK, so it was the toiletseats in the sidewalk that caught our eye.  They really ground up old toilets and called it ‘poticrete’.   Really.

Another IPCC Report on Climate, and Another Denial from Wall Street Journal – Treehugger – We’ll definitely be watching for the International Panel on Climate Change report to see how things have changed since the last one. We don’t think the changes will be for the better.  Here is a link to the actual IPCC report: Special Report on Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation (SREX)

FDA Probes Link Between Food Dyes, Kids’ Behavior – NPR – This is another issue we’ve been watching closely.  I Think  every parent wants to blame their kid’s difficult behavior on something,  but really, many parents have found remarkable behavior change after removing dyes from their kid’s foods.  Haven’t you heard people say “Back in my day, children never behaved like this!”  Well, maybe it’s not (just) our parenting styles.  One of our readers notes that their niece specifically has to stay away from Red 40.

The Devastating Cost of Not Switching to Clean Energy – Treehugger –
Another from Treehugger, but this one talks about all those secondary problems of “dirty energy” – like burning coal.   One that is jumping out at me today is that asthma in children has been directly linked to living near coal plants or highways (like we do).  My toddler started having asthma this week and I’ve put together most of this post while sitting with him and his nebulizer.  Asthma is a real problem and there is a reason more kids have it today than ever before – air pollution.

Busting Teenage Partying with a Fluksometer – ROWETEL – This one is a little old, but this is hilarious!  Check it out – he used his home energy monitor to not only figure out his daughter was throwing a party at his house, but to track the details of the party.

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  1. I have talked to some communication consultants from FDA and they cleared the issue about food dyes. After some long conversation, I realized that I have to make my kids stay away from those foods because it may be dangerous to their health.

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