Find TerraCycle Products at WalMart For Earth Month (April)

Picture of a box of Capri Sun Juice pouches

A couple months ago, I setup a TerraCycle Juice Pouch Brigade at our church to collect and upcycle juice pouches.  This is a real win-win idea as it provides money for non-profit organizations and diverts reusable materials from the landfill.  It is also a great project to involve the kids since they are the biggest consumer of juice pouch beverages like Capri Sun.

Picture of TerraCycle Juice Pouch Backpack

Our kids as well as several others in the church bring home not just their own juice pouches, but also those of their friends at school.  Think about the lessons and opportunities they are having to engage with their classmates and encourage them to do the responsible thing.  So far, we have collected over 1,000 juice pouches, thus diverting over 4 kg (almost 9 pounds) of waste material from our landfills and sending that instead to be remade into cool products while at the same time raising a little money for a good cause.

Where can you find those cool products?

Well, for the month of April, in honor of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, you can find over 60 TerraCycle products on the shelves with related products at all Walmart stores across the US.

Even though we don’t usually shop at Walmart, I am going to have to visit one soon to check out the products including kites, folders, planters and much more.  I need to get a little something to thank those young leaders at my church for their efforts.

Happy Greening!

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