Garden-Sitters a Must For Traveling

Photo of Super-huge zucchini from our garden
Super-huge zucchini from our garden

On return from our recent trip I was strongly reminded that in addition to getting pet-sitters, it’s really a good idea to arrange for garden sitters as well. If you know someone who’d really like to try their hand at gardening and is willing to weed and water as well as pick vegetables, you’re really lucky and you’ve got a keeper! If the best you can do is find someone who’s willing to pick your ripe produce, take them up on it.  Maybe the fresh vegetables can be a reward for pet-sitters.

We recently returned home from a 10 day trip and found super-huge zucchini and shriveled banana peppers in our garden. The peas were fairly sun-burnt, but their season had pretty much ended anyhow.

In order to get a good production from your garden it is important to pick the vegetables fairly often and before they get overgrown. Somehow the plants know if they are not getting picked and don’t produce as many fruits as when you pick the fruits and vegetables often.

So the take-away from this one? Find someone who is willing to go in your garden and pick the over-producing produce while you’re away, even if they don’t want it. Your plants will thank you when you return. If you can find someone to water and even weed while you’re gone, so much the better.

Happy Gardening!

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