Gearing Up Green for the Super Bowl

Super Bowl I am very excited for the New England Patriots to be in Super Bowl XLIX and almost as excited to see that LEDs will be lighting the University of Phoenix Stadium for the big game.

As Katherine Tweed notes in her article LEDs Will Shine on Super Bowl Sunday, the stadium will not just be saving 55-75% of the electricity, but will also be improving the visual quality of the light for the game. In addition to making it easier for those refs to call the game, the LED upgrades will majorly reduce the maintenance needed for the lights at the stadium. The previous metal halide would lose about 40% of their brightness in just 18 months where as the new LEDs will still be at 90% of their original brightness after 10 years with no maintenance.  Think about all the saved hours of labor swapping out huge light bulbs in the stadium.

While you ponder the bright future of LEDs in stadiums, here are some previous posts on having a Green Super Bowl:

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