GLC Product Review Policy

We like to review & recommend products.  In general, we think that being green means you don’t need a lot of new things.  However, everyone needs foods, and not all food products are as green and healthy as others.  There are also some things that make being green easier.  For example, taking your lunch in reusable containers is very green, but then you need some quality containers that you can reuse for a long time and trust not to spill.  That led us to find and review the Contigo coffee mugs and children’s cups.

Some reviews we do simply because we love the product.  As our blog grows, some companies have asked us to review products for them.  When asked, we will only review products that we believe are good for the environment or good for your health.  We will always state when we were given free samples to review for the blog.  We believe that this is a reasonable, and affordable, way for us to be exposed to more products that may be of interest to our readers.   We will try to only accept products for review that we anticipate will be good for the environment but everything has its good and bad sides.  We will always be honest in our reviews.

If you have any questions about our reviews, or the products, please leave a comment on the relevant post.  If you disagree with our review, please feel free to say so.   If you agree and want to chime in, we want to hear that too, and I bet our readers would like to hear that as well!

If you have any questions about this policy you may leave a comment below or send us email at info -at- greenlifestylechanges -dot- com.

Happy Greening!
Alicia & Jon

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  1. You sure have a good product review policy. I hope your company would stay longer in the business.

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