Go Solar For Mother’s Day

If you are still looking for something for that special mom in your life, consider Solar Panel Jewelry.  Orders placed by Tuesday will arrive in time for Mother’s Day.

Alicia reminded me that after Valentine’s Day, several people wished they had known about the jewelry I make as it would have been perfect for their eco-minded loved ones.

I have more jewelry made and ready to ship than just what I have listed on my Etsy store, so if  you  cannot find what you are looking for as the perfect gift, email me at ecodad@greenlifestyleconsulting.com and I will see if I have it already made.  I also accept custom orders, but those would not be ready in time for Sunday.

Here are a few pieces that I think any eco-mom would love to have:

Small Solar Panel Danlge Earrings
Solar Panel Earrings – $15-20
Sterling Silver

Round Solar Panel Necklace
Solar Panel Necklaces – $25
Square Solar Panel Pin
Solar Panel Pins/Brooches – $10

Don’t forget Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13th.

Happy Greening!

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