Going for Solar – Adding Insurance for Solar Array

Hurricane Irene 2011 – Photo courtesy of NASA

With Hurricane Irene heading straight for Boston I finally got around to calling my insurance company to see if I needed to make any changes to my homeowners’ coverage now that we have this expensive solar awning on our home.  I’ve been meaning to do it once the installation was finished, but nothing like a natural disaster heading our way to motivate me.  It took less than 15 minutes to talk to an agent and get our homeowners’ coverage increased by the installation cost of the solar awning.  Now for only $7/month, I can stop worrying about whether our solar installation is insured, IT IS!

Now I need to recommend this as a step for our solar contractor to recommend to all their customers when they install solar.

Happy Greening!

What are you doing to prepare for Hurricane Irene or other natural disasters?

solar PV awning
Going for Solar Series

To learn more about residential solar installations, check out our series Going for Solar, which details every step from dreaming about installing solar, through picking a contractor and the steps in construction.  We provide information and advice for every step of the way, as well as different approaches such as paying for it yourself versus leasing a system.  Don’t miss the steps on how much money we saved during our first year of usage!

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  1. Yeah, solar panels do need insurance. They tend to be subject to extreme weather conditions. So having them insured is definitely worth it and a great investment decision.

  2. Solar panels need to get insurance, but it’s also important for people to get major medical insurance plans. Thanks for the info.

  3. I agree, insurance just might save you from a lot of heartaches. Food entrepreneurs should get restaurant insurance to protect their businesses.

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