Going Green Boston

Last year about this time, David Brown of WCVB Channel 5 in Boston did a Going Green Boston segment about our family and the things we have done to reduce our energy usage and “go green.”

Check out the short segment.  He mentions a number of the basic things you can do:

Going Green Boston: Towns Participate in ‘Energy Smackdown’
Hint: the video is in the upper right of the page.

We’ve continued to improve upon the savings and look forward to sharing what has worked for and what has not gone so well through our blog.

Happy Greening!

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  1. Go for the green life style it look more expensive but relaly you save money. you have to do re-search.For example instead of buying plastic water bottles, go green with buying a canteen that you and your wife can re-fill at your kitchen sink for under a 1$ .Next you can compost your green materials,fruits,vegetables egg shells,and brown material like,shredded paper,and cardboard, overtime they decompose and turn into natural fertilizer/soil. Last,is to refuse any kind of plastic in your lives. One major problem is the use and waste of plastic bags. Bring your own bag when you go grocery store and it will make a difference.Little things make a big difference,encourage other people to apply this to their lifestyle.

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