Great time at the Harvest the Wind Festival

We took the kids over to the Harvest the Wind Festival put on by Mass Energy and Medford. I was working the event as part of my role on the Medford Clean Energy Committee, so it was a must see for the family. The kids had a great time and they had the middle school students giving lessons about how the wind turbine worked.
The event had over 200 kids at the event who got to compete in recycling relay races, paint pumpkins and get their own faces painted.
Mayor McGlynn emphasized the importance of the students in siting the turbine at the school and about how it has been integrated into the curriculum. Mass Energy made a generous contribution to help fund the turbine, which cost about $650,000 and should generate about $25,000 worth of electricity a year, or about 10% of the school’s current electricity usage. They are working to improve efficiency at the school and hope that in the future, the turbine will provide 20% of the electricity needs of the school.

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