Green Jobs, LED bulbs, US Navy, Sunscreen and more in this week’s roundup

As much as we’d like to, we can’t write a post about every topic that comes up that interests us.  Sometimes we just write about them on our Facebook page or Twitter.

Here are some of the items that have caught our eye and interest over the past week.

The Truth About Green Jobs: A Case Study

Watch this short 6 min video on the Turth About Green Jobs in MA. Thanks to for sharing this. Solectria Renewables, Next Step Living Inc., and EnerNOC are all companies we know and love.

Awesome discount on L-Prize winning LED bulbs for MA Electricity Customers

Philips EnduraLED 10w A19 60w equivalent bulb for $25 (reg $49.95) for MA utility customers through EFI
Philips EnduraLED 10w A19
60w equivalent bulb for
$25 (reg $49.95) for MA utility
customers through EFI

Massachusetts electricity users, don’t miss out on amazing deal for LED light bulbs through EFI and your local utility company. National Grid MA, NSTAR Electric & Gas, etc. Click on your utility provider on the right hand side to see what specials are available for you.

The regulary $49.95 L-Prize winning Philips EnduraLED A19 10W (60W equivalent) bulb is only $25 and specials on other LEDs, CFLs and energy efficiency materials as well. We ordered 6 of the new Philips LED bulbs 🙂
Why LED?  Remember when CFLs were expensive and you hated them?  Well everything that was wrong with CFLs is right with LEDs.  They come on quickly, they use dramatically less electricity than incandescent bulbs, they give off a nice light, and they are very hard to break!

US Navy Thinks Renewable Energy is the Future, But House Republicans Don’t Want Them to Have It

“The House Armed Services Committee banned the Defense Department from making or buying an alternative fuel that costs more than a “traditional fossil fuel.”” 
Look, alternative/clean energy isn’t just for liberal hippies anymore!  I can understand House Republicans not wanting to subsidize renewable energy (ok I can’t), but to block the military is just wrong.  If you’ve read any of the articles on the  military using solar, you would know that the men in the field strongly prefer it. It eliminates the need to carry heavy batteries or to run noisy generators.  It also means that they are less reliant on unreliable supply lines. In their desire to be fiscally responsible, they are putting our troops in danger.

Sunscreens prevent sunburns, but beyond that surprisingly little is known about the safety and effectiveness of these ubiquitous creams and sprays. FDA’s latest delay in implementing its too-weak sunscreen standards perpetuates this state of confusion.  However, there is another source of information, one that is considered very reliable: SKIN DEEP | EWG’s Cosmetics Database and this’ year’s Sunscreen 2012 Guide is out! Do you know what is in your sunscreen and how dangerous those ingredients are? Find out more in the EWG 2012 Sunscreen Report

Mama Making Changes: Grass v. Grain: Why It Matters

Grass fed beef, it really does matter!  Jon’s aunt raises it naturally in WA state.  Some believe it tastes different as well.  Read more and give it a try.

Corporate Exodus From Heartland Institute Continues As USAA and Insurers Bail

We were shocked to see USAA on the list of funders, albeit recently former funders, of the Heartland Institute.  Read more about it and check out the list of companies that are still funding this organization. If you are a stockholder or client/consumer of any of these companies, please give them a piece of your mind.  I noticed that several of the companies are tobacco companies, and interestingly, most of the insurance companies have pulled their funding. 

We asked:

Do the utilities in your state subsidize residential energy efficiency improvements? Which state are you in?
And only Valerie answered: We got a rebate for buying a HE washer (low water). CA. I don’t think they offer it any more though and I don’t remember if it was a state or city thing
What about in your state?  Tell us in the comments about the energy efficiency incentives in your state.

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Happy Greening!

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