Green Week in Review, July 19th – 25th, 2010

We’re playing a bit of catch up on our weekly reviews.  Nothing like a good vacation to get behind.  Here’s some green news and reviews from the week of July 19th.

CNET Green Tech: N.J. solar panels on utility poles to use AT&T

Petra Solar

In honor of our trip to New Jersey, this is a timely piece.  I am very interested in how these microinverter and wireless connected panel do in NJ.  If a single panel connected to the grid can work, I think this opens up the possibility for people to install small PV systems at home such as 1-3 panel (less than 1kW) PV systems for under $1,000 rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars or more likely not spending anything to go solar.

TreeHugger: Setting a Price on Carbon Will Help US End Oil Addiction – Not Just Combat Climate Change

Anything that brings what we pay for energy closer to the true cost the more people will understand the consequences of their action or inaction.  I think a price on carbon is more straight forward and easier to understand than a cap and trade system, but given our political system and all the lobbyists for the fossil fuel industry, I don’t think it will happen.

TreeHugger: Don’t Forget Home Star: The Green Bill Everyone Can Agree On

The Cash for Caulkers (actually named Home Star) Bill needs to get passed and soon.  I hope it does not suffer the same fate as the Climate legislation at the hands of the very united Republican Party in the Senate.

TreeHugger: 9 Countries Have Recorded Hottest-Ever Temps This Year

Climate Progress/NOAA

Record temps in the US is not necessarily a sign of global warming, but record hottest-ever temps around the world sure feels like one.


EPA: 2009-2010 Emerging Technologies Awarded Projects 

Glad to Seattle on the list of awarded clean air projects.  My parents grew up in Seattle and I have a fondness for the region not to mention a lot of family in and around Puget Sound.

CNET: Energy retrofits could save $41 billion a year

$22.5 billion in costs per year to save $41 billion per year seems like a no brainer to us.  I hope the private sector recognizes the opportunity to invest in energy efficient retrofits for their buildings and factories to save on energy.

Runners up:

Stay tuned for more Green Weeks in Review coming soon.

Happy Greening!

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