Green Week in Review, July 5th – 12th, 2010

We hope everyone is using those fans to help them stay cool through the heatwave of the past week.  Given the bright sun we’ve been experiencing it is appropriate that most of this week’s green news is about solar.

TreeHugger: Solar Powered Airplane Flies for 26 Hours Straight

This could be the dawn of a new era of clean aviation, though I am sure that we are decades from having this be cost effective for transporting people or goods.  It is still amazing that with solar power alone, a plane could take off, fly for 26 hours (through the night) and land.  I expect this will become the predominant design for UAVs for military and civilian uses not for the clean energy angle, but rather for the indefinite flight time without refueling.  Amazing!

TreeHugger: The Link Between Record-Breaking Global Heat Waves and Climate Change

What can I say, it’s been very hot.  As a scientist that has been so frustrated with the media and others saying that a particular weather event was global warming or not, I was very glad to see this article that explains how a single event in one locality is not a sign of the bigger climate change, but that the heat wave which is global in nature is connected.  Read on for more.

TreeHugger: Feds Back Big Solar Power With Nearly $2 Billion in Loan Guarantees

Diagram of how trough-based concentrating solar power works: Abengoa
Diagram of how trough-based concentrating solar power works: Abengoa
Apparently, one of our friend of a friend was at the signing of this bill and got to meet President Obama.  I am very hopeful that this signals a much needed shift to invest heavily in US made renewable energy.  We are falling behind the rest of the world and need to invest in the future, not the past fossil fuel industry.

Federal Stimulus Funds 46 Massachusetts Solar Projects

And more locally, it is nice to see the funds driving development of clean energy around Massachusetts.

TreeHugger: Energy Efficiency: Twice the Impact of Renewables, Nuclear and Clean Coal. Combined.

And just in case you think we’ve gone gaga for solar, we are still bigger fans of energy efficiency. This report illustrates that we have so much to save with energy efficiency and it is definitely the quickest and cheapest, but unfortunately not sexiest way to save energy.

We will write up some of our green adventures from camping with kids this weekend to share when we find some time.  Until then have a great week and use the fans instead of air conditioning whenever possible to stay cool.

Happy Greening!
Alicia & Jon

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