Green Week in Review – June 7th-13th, 2010

Wide range of topics last from farm runoff ending up in tap water at dangerous levels to higher than previously thought subsidies for fossil fuel industry lead off last week’s green news.

cnet GreenTech: IEA: To promote efficiency, cut fossil fuel subsidies

We’ve been fans of reducing the hidden subsidies for the oil industry and other fossil fuel to drive the true cost of our societies behavior for some time now.  Why are we not surprised to find that the subsidies are higher than previously thought.  If dirty energy costs reflected the true cost acquiring the energy, then there would be less need for the subsidies for clean energy like solar and wind.  We are fans of going a step further an imposing a tax on carbon that would try to account for the global warming impacts of burning fossil fuels, but that is a hard sell to politicians on both sides of the aisle.

MITnews: Chris Zegras on greenhouse gases and the built environment

An interesting report by an MIT professor shows the connection that increased prosperity leads to increased transportation carbon footprint.  This is significant when so much of the world is in the developing stages especially considering that the emissions levels are already above what the scientific community feels is sustainable.

DOE Announces $29 Million in Recovery Act Awards for Weatherization Training Centers

As big fans of air sealing and insulation as ways to reduce our energy consumption, we are excited to see funding going into training new professional to provide these services.  This is stimulus that will return for years and generations to come.

7.6 Billion Pounds of Diaper Trash

As big proponents of cloth diapers it is nice to see some figures that help illustrate the harm that disposable diapers cause to our planet.  According to the EPA 2.3% by weight of the trash each year is disposable diapers resulting in billions of pounds of diapers being thrown away each year.  We have plenty more to say about the cloth diaper choice.

Other interesting and important green news from last week:

We’ll have a great kids book review coming up later this week, stay tuned.

Happy Greening!
Jon & Alicia

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