Green Week in Review – May 24th – 30th, 2010

The lead up to the Memorial Day holiday weekend was busy for us as we prepared to go camping. Stay tuned for a post about greening up our camping trip, but in the meantime here are a few news articles from last week of interest.

TreeHugger: Washington DC Bike-Sharing Program Getting 10x Bigger!

Seeing the expansion and success of bike sharing programs in the nation’s capital is exciting. I know as someone who works in the city it would be great to be able to check out a bike and go from point A to point B quickly and not have to worry about what I would do with the bike once there. Bike sharing enables people to get places more efficiently, especially when combined with public transit.

MIT: Pooling MIT’s resources to ‘rethink’ water

Water is already a scarce resource in many parts of the world and even in parts of the US.  I am very glad to see places like MIT looking at the future of clean water as well as Energy.

TreeHugger: ‘Revolting’ Levels of Bacteria Found in Canadian Bottled Water

We’ve been pushing tap water and reusable bottles for a while, and this article just reinforces one of the many reasons people should give up the bottled water.  Since bottled water is not regulated or required to meet standards like tap water, it does not surprise me that Canadian researchers found higher levels of bacteria in bottled water than water from the tap.

MIT: ‘Efficiency Forward’

MIT and NSTAR have launched a major initiative to cut campus electricity usage by 15% in just 3 years.  The majority of the savings will be achieved by efficiency improvements in lighting and HVAC systems and behavior changes.  Efficiency really is the most cost effective investment people can make now and for the future.

TreeHugger: DIY Electric Car Breaks World Record Going 624 Miles on One Charge

 624 miles on one charge is amazing, even if it was on a closed track under ideal conditions.  For an electric car to be a practical replacement for one of our family’s two vehicles, we would need a range of 300-400 miles or enough to get from Boston to New York (200 miles) to the grand parents with some room to spare.  Of course we’d need to recharge there for the trip back.  We’d also need room for 5 people (2 adults, 3 child seats) and our stuff, so while it may be some time before electric vehicles become practical for that trip we are still excited to see the progress.

We hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend and we want to say thank you to all the service men and women who have so honorably serviced this country.  Thank You!

Happy Greening!
Jon & Alicia

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  1. Wow! I love that bike-sharing idea! I hope it spreads!

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