GreenTip: Latch Your Windows

Are your windows closed but the outside sounds are a little noisy?  Does there still seem to maybe be a draft?  Before running out to price new windows (and fall over in shock), check to see if the latch is shut.  Those latches aren’t really there for security,  they are there to insure that your window is fully closed.  If your window appears to be closed, but the latch won’t shut, try opening the window and closing it more firmly and try the latch again.  Chances are it wasn’t completely shut.

window-latches-oneThis is a tip I’ve know about for a while and we’re pretty good with our windows.  For the last few days I’ve been thinking that the street noises were louder than normal in our bedroom.  I finally got up on my nightstand and found that the top sash wasn’t firmly shut and my latches weren’t shut.  I re-shut the window, closed the latches, and voila,  no more noise.


window-latches-twoIt’s the time of year to close windows, but not necessarily close your storm windows or seal them up, so you may want to go around and check latches – and check them again before you seal your window up for the winter (if you do that).

If you’re still considering new windows, here are important things to consider before meeting with a salesman.

Happy Greening!


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  1. On double hung windows, be sure to check that the top sash is all the way up. I’ve had personal experience when the window latch wouldn’t close right and it turned out the top sash had come down a bit.

  2. That is a great tip and guidance.There is a need to act smart and cause the least harm to ourselves and the world by using ore energy.

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