Home Depot recycling holiday lights again

Get up to $5 off for each incandescent sting of Christmas lights you recycleHome Depot is offering up to $5 off LED Holiday Lights when you recycle incandescent light strings again this year.  From now until November 17, 2013 you can get up to $5 off new LED Christmas Lights in exchange for recycling your old incandescent light strings.

Here is the summary from Home Depot:

Bring in your old, broken or used incandescent holiday light strings to be recycled at The Home Depot®
and receive a discount on a single receipt in-store purchase of LED lights. Receive the discount for each string recycled. Limit 5 discounts per customer.

More details are available on Home Depot’s site.

Recycle incandescent Christmas lights at Home Depot

We’ve recycled all of our incandescent light strings in the past, but I know a few friends and family members that should take advantage of this great offer in the next week and a half.

Have a light up tree or deet that uses incandescent lights strings, consider upgrading your existing decorations to LEDs like we did.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Awesome! I didn’t know Home Depot did this. I’ll tell my husband for sure. I have string lights in our daughter’s reading nook that are uber old … ha!

  2. This is great! Hope a lot of people take advantage of this instead of just tossing their old christmas lights in the trash!

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