How Many Times Should You Use Your Disposable Razor?

There are a lot of things that we have been taught should be disposable, like silverware and diapers. I agree, sometimes it is wonderfully convenient and helpful to have disposable items. We took plastic forks and spoons to the beach with us this week so that we didn’t accidentally loose any of the real silverware from our rental house in the sand or leave it in our coolers. It was helpful and we washed and re-used the disposables, but we didn’t have any stress making sure we didn’t lose it either. 

razor with disposable tips

How many times do you reuse your razor?

I’ve been using disposable razors for the same reason for years. I inevitably, accidentally, leave my razor in the shower at hotels and my mother’s house.  After I shower I like to leave the razor in the tub or shower because it is wet and I don’t want to make a mess. Then when we’re leaving, somehow I frequently manage to leave it behind. Therefore I started buying disposable razors for travel. The important thing to realize though is that “disposable” doesn’t mean “one time use.” I take the same razor and use it over and over until it either doesn’t give a good enough shave, or appears to have rust on it.  I always rinse it well during and after each use and I always inspect it for rust before using it. 

My life has a lot of stress in it, and if not having to worry about whether or not I’ve left my razor behind somewhere is worth the trade off of using something that is considered disposable. At home I generally try to have the kind of razor where you periodically replace the blade, but keep the same handle for years. I consider these “semi-disposable”.  The trick is then trying to remember exactly which kind you have when you’re getting the replacement blades. I was recently very frustrated to find that the new handle and blades my husband had bought me said that the blades were not sold separately – implying you need to buy a new handle after you use up the 4 blade-heads in the packet.  However, I figure that each head can last me anywhere from 4-7 months, so the package with 4 heads in it is likely to last me over 2 years. 

At this point I figure the next time I have to worry about buying a handle with replaceable blades is a good two years out, as long as I keep this one as my home razor and keep totally disposable razors in my travel bag. 

So, how many times do I reuse a disposable razor or razor-head?  Well, I probably use it twice a week for at least 4-7 months, which would be 35-50 times.

How many times do you reuse a disposable razor?

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  1. I don’t use disposable too much, but I change the head of mine out pretty regularly. I always feel like it just doesn’t work after a few week of uses.

  2. I use mine until they’re dull. It usually takes a couple months of using them 4-5 times a week before I break down and get a new one.

  3. does it sound weird to admit that since I am blonde and have really fine hair that I don’t need to shave more than once a month? true story! Either that, or I just don’t care about being satsquatchy 😉 So, I use a razor until it either is dull or rusts…and that can be anywhere from 3-12 months for me.

    • I can relate to you… I have to just do underarms once in a month and shave lands a legs once a year and fine so won’t need much at all

  4. I have a few different razors that I rotate through…the better ones (4 or 5 blade) for my legs and delicate areas, and the 2-blade super cheapies for my underarms. The better ones last me much longer before they start causing razor burn. I go through the 2-blade more frequently, but I think they also dull more frequently due to deodorant residue (even my Primal Pit Paste). I’d love to invest in something like laser hair removal for a more green solution, but I need to do research first on the safety of it.

  5. Ok, so I’m not alone! I use mine until it’s dull – I can’t go by times because I barely shave my legs in the winter. 🙂 So mine can last a really long time.

  6. I try not to use disposable razors at all, but when I do, I keep on using it until it is dull

  7. I bought a 12 pack of “disposable” razors for $2 at Kroger. I don’t shave but maybe once a week and i use the same razor about 4-5 times or at least until the blade no longer glides smoothly, so one pack will last me a good while. Dollar shave club eat your heart out.

  8. I feel like I’m not using my razors enough now 😐 I only use a disposable razor three times, that’s a week for me. If I use it any more I get razor bumps and cuts, I have super fine hair so if I don’t get a dead close shave the hair can’t grow through properly. I also have to exfoliate before and after shaving. It’s a lot of work being soft 😄

  9. I use my disposable razor until it is dull ,usually it takes a 4-5 months .

  10. My disposable razors from Walgreens a pack of 4 lasts me usually 4-6 uses each that’s a good deal for only 5 bucks!😎

  11. Trying to convince my tf that she can use her razors more than once….she’s obsessed with not re using her razors, and it was okay when she was using these cheap 2 blade razors…but now she’s using a 5 blade razor and is wasting money on only using them once and throwing them away….

  12. I think this article is very helpful. However, trying to see how many miles you can from a disposable razor seems a little over the top. Should I see if I can leave mine to my grandkids. Thanks.

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