How we came to be Corn Fed Americans

King Corn (Green Packaging)Last night, I watched the documentary King Corn and it has changed my views on inexpensive food and how big of unintended consequences shifts in governmental policy can have.

Most of the American diet these days comes from corn.  Not the sweet juicy ears you can sink your teeth into during the summer, but rather the inedible “tastes like cardboard” kind that is grown to supply the huge cattle and processed food industries.

Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis take you along the journey from Boston back to their great grandfathers’ home town of Greene Iowa to grow 1 acre of corn and see how the corn goes from there onto our tables in meat and other foods and drinks.

As a nation, we have achieved the goals set forth by the US Department of Agriculture in the 1970s to make vast quantities of inexpensive food, but at what cost?  What has it cost the farmers?  What has it cost the environment?  And what has it cost us in terms of our health? 

Watch the movie and find out.  Even better watch it with some friends and discuss afterward.  I promise you, you will think a bit harder the next time you consider that juicy hamburger or steak or bag of chips.

Happy Greening!

p.s. we’re going to try to grow corn this year in our garden (the yummy kind you can eat directly)

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  1. Oh, I got this from th library a few months ago! What an eye opener! If they would just stop making High Fructose Corn Syrup and feeding corn to animals that arent supposed to eat it, we would need ALOT less room for corn growing!!

  2. Good points all aornud. Truly appreciated.

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