Join Us For Earth Hour 2012

Join us for Earth Hour 2012!
When: 8:30-9:30PM March 31, 2012 – Your local time!
Where:  Anywhere & Everywhere!

Earth Hour is a global awareness initiative that we can all participate in to raise awareness about climate change.  Millions of people around the world turn off their lights to show that they support action on climate change.  This is an easy action for you to take, because we’re not asking you to go anywhere, write something, or spend a lot of time.   All you have to do is turn off your lights for one hour – Saturday March 31st, 2012, from 8:30-9:30PM at your LOCAL time.

Now, you can go crazy about it like Jon likes to do: check out the graphs of where Jon dropped our electricity usage to almost 0 in 2010.  Or you can follow along on the web all day long and watch famous locations turn off their lights as their local time goes through Earth Hour.

What will you do to change the world?
Earth Hour 2012

This year Earth Hour has created a mechanism for people to challenge others globally.  They have a series of “I will… if you will…” challenges.  Check out the page and see which challenge you will take on (some are crazy hard and some are things we should all be doing!)

View the videos created, accepted a challenge or make your own on their YouTube Channel.

You can follow Earth Hour on Facebook and Twitter, to keep up to date on Saturday, and all year long. 

You can find fascinating stories of what people did in 2011 by exploring the Earth Hour Map.  My favorite thing to check out is the landmarks press release.  This year some of the famous US locations participating include: UN Headquarters in NYC, the American Eagle and NASDAQ buildings in Times Square, New York City’s Empire State Building and the  bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip.
They will be collecting pictures on their web site and in their flickr stream.

Tell us now, will YOU participate in Earth Hour?

Happy Greening!
Alicia & Jon

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