Jon Stewart: Check Out the Appalling Lack of US Interest in Climate Conference

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Durban, South Africa 11/28-12/9/2011

Jon Stewart: Do you know that the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is happening right now?  Like most Americans, you probably haven’t even heard of the 17th Conference of Parties (COP17).  The conference started last week in Durban, South Africa, and continues a long series of such negotiations including Kyoto on how to address climate change and the impact it has on the world. live coverage of COP17

I find it appalling that these international negotiations, which are receiving worldwide attention, do not even warrant a mention in the US media.  ABC News has a headline on their front page right now: “Truth About Hair Loss After Pregnancy“.  CNN has on their top page “Student smashes window with butt” and MSNBC has “Gaga video leaves some loyal fans puzzled“.

If we look at Britain’s news media like BBC, you will get a very different perspective.  Right now (these things change) the 3rd story on their home page is:

Protests at climate change summitThousands of demonstrators march in Durban demanding faster action on climate change, as the annual UN summit on the issue reaches its half-way point.

Another British-based organization, is reporting live from Durban.  You can catch live reports, as well as taped interviews at, including great reporting by Alicia’s brother Jeff.

Also appalling to me is the lack of US Congressional interest in these  international negotiations.  COP17 is the first such climate conference at which no members of United States Congress are attending.

To raise awareness in the US, I am turning to a “news” source that I love and has broad appeal: The Daily Show.  I have suggested on their Facebook wall that Jon Stewart should cover the lack of US media and Congressional attention for such an important worldwide event.  Please take a minute and post a similar suggestion or like and comment on my post.  Do you know a better way to reach out to their news team? Maybe the Best F@#king News Team Ever will pick up the story.

Tune into the daily coverage COP17 provided by and be sure to share this important event with those around you.

Happy Greening!

Spread the word and like my post on the Daily Show Wall.

Update 12/5/11: Since we posted this, NPR has posted two articles about the climate talks:   A Users Guide To the Climate Talks 12/4/11
    – Audio: Tough Work Lies Ahead in Climate Talks 12/4/11

If you see others, let us know!

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