Live Reporting from Durban – COP 17

OneClimate dot net reporting Live from Durban for COP17

If you think we live a green lifestyle, you should meet Alicia’s brother Jeff.  He makes us look like wasteful people who don’t believe in climate change.  Jeff and his wife share a home in London with 5 other people, he bicycles to work 8 miles each way through London traffic, and they are vegan.  

For the next two weeks he is reporting live from Durban, South Africa for about the COP17 UN Climate Talks. The interviews that he did two years ago from the Copenhagen climate talks were fascinating. During that conference their team scored interviews with Bill McKibben and Jane Goodall – we’re hoping to see some equally fascinating personalities this year!

You can hear from Jeff and his colleague Adam on their Day 1 Report

Day 1 at UN Climate Talks in Durban: Floods Outside, The Big Issues Inside COP17

“COP 17” is the 17th meeting of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties.  Many Americans haven’t heard of this before, it doesn’t seem to get a lot of time in mainstream press.  The UNFCCC is the environmental treaty produced in 1992 with the intention of stabilizing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere in order to prevent catastrophic climate change.  The UNFCCC is the predecessor to the “Kyoto Protocol” which is better known in environmental circles and is actually a protocol of the UNFCCC that was developed in 1997.

The Conference of the Parties is where the delegates meet to discuss a commitment to greenhouse gas reductions including dates, finances and greenhouse gas concentrations.

For more on COP17, visit OneClimate and be sure to check out the Live Coverage for a blog update, live video feed and streaming comments & questions.  They’ll be on daily from 3-6pm in Durban (8am-11am EST) as well as other interviews as opportunities arise.

Happy Greening!
Jon & Alicia

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