LunaPads Review & Giveaway (OVER)

This giveaway is over, but you can read our reivew of LunaPads below and DivaCups here.

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Lunapanties Bikini Cut
Bikini Lunapanties

Here’s a Green New Year’s Resolution that may be something you’ve never considered before – try reusable feminine products.   Recently, I talked to about having my sister and I do matching reviews of two of their feminine products, Diva Cups and Lunapanties.   My sister had been wanting to try a Diva Cup, and I love my “mama pads” and was intrigued by Lunapanties.  Each of us was appalled by the idea of the other option, which started us right off with the idea that different products are designed for different women and situations.

Read Rebekah’s review of the Diva Cup now!

First of all, let me be clear that these are reusable feminine products.  Unless you’re the kind of guy that discusses tampons and pantyliners, you’re unlikely to be interested in this topic – just skip right to the entry form and enter to win some for your favorite female!

Mama pads” is a generic term for reusable feminine pads and pantyliners.  Instead of purchasing and disposing of pads and/or tampons, you wash and reuse mama pads therefore avoiding adding to landfills.  Also, many disposable feminine products are made from petroleum.  Several cloth diaper manufactures make mama pads and if you are already washing cloth diapers you should definitely give them a try.

Mama pads of any brand are MUCH more comfortable than their disposable counterparts.  Don’t do it for the environmental benefits, do it because they are more comfortable for YOU!

If you have a child in cloth, just toss your mamapads, Lunapads or Lunapanties right in with the cloth diapers.  Washing them is really that simple.  If you’re lucky enough to not currently have a child in diapers, has a video showing how they recommend you wash them. sent me a pair of Lunapanties to review.  I had not heard of this style of mama pads before.  Lunapanties is a panty with extra layers where you need them most to absorb your flow or leakage.  If you have medium or heavy flow you can add liner inserts to increase the absorbency.  You can also swap out liner inserts for a fresh feeling all day.

Lunapanties sketch

What I really love about the Lunapanties is that they have soft straps built in to hold the inserts in place.  The one complaint I have had about reusable pads in general, is that they tend to slide around.  The straps in the Lunapanties hold the inserts perfectly in place all day long.  I also really like that the cut and style of the panties means that the pads don’t bunch up and get all personal, like some pads (disposable or reusable).  Instead the inserts/pads lay flat in place all day.

Lunapanties come in several cuts: bikini, hipster and briefs and in three colors: black, magenta and natural.  The cotton is 100% organic which is yet another plus on the environmentally friendly meter.  The one thing I would like to see added to the line is more colors!

You can go to and order some yourself, or you can enter to win a $50 Gift Card to!  This giveaway is now over.

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  3. came back – now it works!

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  7. I try to my environmentally conscious and choose shade grown coffees.

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